4 Team Fort/Results

4TF 03

  • \\MeetYourMaker (sine.wav (sinewav@forums), jericho, elmo, Raiden, and many more...)
  • {\/}adness (Keylow (Lowkey@forums), Bytes, Venijn, 16, Metal, Nagi)
  • Immortal Dynasty (Dal (Dalsue@forums), coco, Monkey, Prive001, Agility, Puzzle)
  • She Told Me She Was Level 18 (insa (insanity@speedersclan.org), slash, Xyron, Gonzap)
  • Nameless (Orion (orion@forums), Vogue, Durka, Dreadlord)
  • _~Rogue Tronners~_ (DGM (DaGarBBaGeMAN@forums), Red, Nuby, Zimblunk)
  • The Crazies (J-Dawgg (TheJDawgg@forums), Woned, Cronix, Beer, Fate)
  • That old chinese proverb (Rudy (Rudycantfail@forums), Hoax, Raph, Bellum, 1200)
  • Team.uNk (Pr3 (Pr3@forums), Mr, DrHouse, Gaz, TBA)
  • SpeedAz (Flex (Flex@speedersclan.org), 3B, Slick, TBA)
  • Random Nabz (pike (pike@ct/senior), Voodoo, BTD, orly?, Ninja Subtato, Ninja Subyo )
  • SpeedhAx (Aiphaton (Aiphaton@forums), AI, Viper, Syre, TBA)
  • Redemption/% (Appleseed (Zenith@forums), Koala, Soul, TBA)
  Play-In (19:00 GMT) Semi Finals Finals
  uNk  Nameless TheCrazies  
  _AoT_Ex_  SpeedAz Madness  
    _AoT_UK_  Nameless SpeedAz
   SheToldMeSheWasLevel18 RandomNabz
  _AoT_UK_  SheToldMeSheWasLevel18 mYm  
 RandomNabz Thatoldchineseproverb  
  _AoT_UK_  RandomNabz SheToldMeSheWasLevel18
   RogueTronners TeamuNk  
_AoT_US_  RogueTronners ImmortalDynasty
   TeamuNk SpeedhAx