AFL Rules

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Here's a rough draft of the rules currently planned.

  1. Teams will consist of up to 10 players.
  2. Each game will be a series of 4 matches played with 5 members on each team.
  3. Teams that show up with less than 5 will be expected to play with what they bring, or forfeit.
  4. Teams that show up with more than 5 will be allowed to use their extras as alternates and make substitutions. However, at no point can more than 5 teammates appear in the round. If this should happen, the extra player should kill himself within seconds of the round starting, or else the round will be declared invalid, possibly the match declared invalid, or some other really nasty penalty will be given.
  5. For a match to be considered as being conducted as a league match, there must be a recording made with either the latest release of 0.2.8 or the latest 0.3.x release (currently 0.3.0). While any version is allowed for play, a recording made from the trunk will not be considered as having met this requirement.
  6. The winner of a game is the first team to win 3 matches. Ties are allowed.
  7. Each team will play each other team twice in the regular season, and will be ranked according to their win/loss/tie rating. This seeds the playoffs, which will be a knockout tournament ending in a glorious championship game.
  8. The winner of the championship will receive at least one t-shirt declaring them the winner. (We still have to work this out, if possible we'd like to give t-shirts to everyone on the winning team)
  9. Each team must declare their home server. Games will be scheduled at specific servers, and each team will play each other team on their home server and the other team's home server, 1 game each.
  10. Settings for each game will be the settings found in the game distribution under config/examples/cvs_test/fortress_complete.cfg. Yes, there will be a winzone, and no, you are not required to use it.
  11. Whining about the winzone is strictly prohibited.  :)