AFL Spring 2007 Results

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Wins Losses Ties
°°ps CT SP -|x|- KOD Tards MC UT2
°°ps F o r f e i t s
Crazy Tronners o 2-0 0-2 0-2 1 2 0
Speed aka SP r 0-2 0-2 3-F 2(1)* 2 0
-|x|- f 2-0 2-0 2-0 3 0 0
Kill or Die e 2-0 2-0 2-0 3 0 0
The Tards i 2-0 0-2 2-0 0-2 2 2 0
Matado Core t 0-2 0-2 0-2 0-2 0 4 0
Unnamed Team 2 s F-3 0-2 2-0 2-0 2 2 0
  • SP vs Oops is considered in the win total here, but the value in parenthesis is the win total without SP vs Oops. All other win totals should not include a scheduled, but forfeited, Oops game.

Sunday, July 8

¦x¦ vs CT

¦x¦ 2 - 0 CT

MVP: Subzero

No recording due to the fact that I was recording and I was idle-kicked before match 1 finished. Sorry about that. No screenies either therefore, but proof can come from Ed's server logs if you really want it. Scores were roughly ¦x¦ 100 - 80 CT, and ¦x¦ 100 - 55 CT. After a mutual vote in the server, Subzero was nominated as the MVP from this game.

KOD vs Tards

KOD 2 - 0 Tards

MVP: Luzifer

Zman made recording and screenshots:

  • Match 1) KOD 108 - 40 Tards
  • Match 2) KOD 100 - 20 Tards

Matado Core vs Unamed Team 2

MC 0 - 2 UT2

MVP: apparition

SP vs °°ps

SP 2 - 0 °°ps

MVP: whatup

Sunday, July 15

SP vs CT

SP 0 - 2 CT

Screenshots: Match 1, Match 2


MVP: Gluggsel

Tards vs UT2

Tards 0 - 2 UT2

MVP: Apparition


Z-Man's recordings; unfortunately, the recorder was idle-kicked twice.

Pre-game stuff

Match 1 and most of match 2, match 1 ends around t=1540

mkzelda's (dookatee) recording

arma version: 0.3.0 build 7228

--fastforward 500 for match 1

Tards vs UT2 - dookatee(UT2)

KoD vs MC (aka UT1)

KoD 2 - 0 MC

MVP: Luzifer


Match 1

Match 2


¦x¦ vs oops

x win by default/forfeit/whatever, as oops have withdrawn from the competition.

Sunday, July 22

KOD vs UT2

KOD 2-0 UT2

MVP: Luzifer


Match 1

Match 2

mkzelda's Recording: - client 0.3.0 build 7228

SP Vs ¦x¦

SP 0 - 2 ¦x¦


Screenshots: Match 1 Match 2

Recording (

Tards vs Matado Core

Tards 2 - 0 Matado Core

MVP: epsy

Screenshots: Match 1, Match 2

Recording], end of match 1 around T=700s, of match 2 around t=1550s.

CT vs oops

CT win by default/forfeit/whatever, as oops have withdrawn from the competition.

Sunday, July 29

CT vs Tards

CT 0 : 2 Tards

MVP: $ativa

Match 1 Match 2

Recording for

SP vs UT2

UT2 forfeits.

My bad UT2, I told everyone to be there at 4:00 EST not noticing the discrepancy between AFL_Schedule and Google Calendar. SP may consider nominating me their MVP for that. --mkzelda

åppåritiøn says, "At least three of us thought the match was at a different time. The AFL_Schedule says a time that is 2-4 hours earlier than the AFL_Calendar. How are we to know which page has higher priority? Why have the calendar if it isn't to be used? The "add event to my calendar" function made the calendar more appealing than the schedule. We would like to reschedule. Despite what some have said, no AFL rules regarding rescheduling exist, leading us to believe it is possible and fair."

It's a bit too late for me to reply to this, sorry, but the calendar page explicitly says that it is canonical and the google calendar isn't. The reason for that is that the google calendar itself isn't terribly well-tested for this usage, I had previously observed google's calendar not recognizing timezones properly and KOrganizer failing to correct properly. The google calendar therefore can't be canonical because there's no guarantee a player's calendar app will handle it correctly (even though it should, or it can't call itself a calendar app!). The idea is that the google calendar is a convenience, but you should doublecheck the main calendar. Google can give you notifications the main schedule can't give. About rescheduling: the rule is "no rescheduling is allowed". Period. I'm pretty sure it's stated in the rules, but I'll admit I may have forgotten to put it there since I made a lot of noise on this point on the forums during the initial design of the competition. Again, sorry if this is late, even if all it does is frustrate you more. --Lucifer 20:26, 9 August 2007 (PDT)

|x| vs MC

¦x¦ 2 - 0 MC

MVP: Legit

Recording for, incomplete again because the recorder was idle-kicked

KoD vs oops

KoD win by default/forfeit/whatever, as oops have withdrawn from the competition.