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What is Camping

Camping is when a player intentionally avoids other players, or prolongs a match.

Classes of Camping

Infinite Wall Campers

In a server with infinite walls a player may box himself inside a large portion of the arena.

Self Boxing

In a server with finite walls a player may box himself in an appropriate size box relative to the wall length. He may travel around the edge of this box indefinitely.


Running is when a player is too defensive. A common tactic for running is leading to the arena rim wall, then grinding going away from the chaser/attacker.

Inverse Camping

In a server with finite walls a player may be boxed in, but the box will be large enough for him to survive indefinitely. If the player who is outside the box does not let the boxed player out then he is inverse camping. The player inside has a few choices:

  • Intentionally crash, giving the boxer a point or taking a point for suicide.
  • Disconnect, and reconnect (use server bookmarks), losing all your hard-earned points.
  • Stay inside and wait for the boxer to screw up and die.