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Many different types of game can be played in Armagetron Advanced, each of which can have multiple different 'sub-types'. This page covers the main variations. Fort a more complete list view Gametypes

Core Variations

These work out of the box with some console commands.


This is the oldest game variation, and until recently the only game variation available. Most of the documentation found on this wiki applies to it, either directly or indirectly.


The fortress is a standard capture the flag style game. It uses zones placed on the map and allows a more team-oriented style of play. Since it's introduction on a testing server, it has risen to one of the more popular game variants.

Variations that require Hacks or external Scripts

For these variations you either need to compile armagetronad yourself or you need external scripts.


Labyrinth 22.png

Labyrinth is both a type of map. We use the word 'labyrinth' in order to differentiate a specific map type from a grid game.

On a labyrinth, you ride your cycle through a big maze with winding and twisting corridors. The server can be configured in any of the regular ways, so you could be on a team trying to capture the enemies' fortresses, or you can be in a gladiatorial-style fight. There's a third type, however. In the third type, the map maker has placed a zone at a strategic place in the labyrinth and the first person to reach the zone wins the round. In this type of game, the purpose of the game is to solve the labyrinth faster than the other players. Point awards will usually be based on solving the maze rather than slaughtering the other players.

There is at least one script that generates maze maps that work in Armagetron Advanced. Check the Code_hacks page for it.

There also is a tutorial that shows how you can make your own server with random maps.


Also popularly known as "pig sty" or just "sty", this variation involves using the brake as a weapon to fire shots (implemented as special zones) at other players.

This requires you to apply a Source Patch and to recompile arma.

MCP Attack

This game mode is based off the final scene from the movie TRON. The goal of the red team (the MCP Warrior Elite) is to defend the MCP (slow rotating red zone) while the goal of the blue team (the Video Warriors) is to try to conquer it as a zone. The MCP Warrior Elite can not be killed by ordinary means as they can drive through walls. Upon the Video Warriors conquering the MCP zone, it turns blue and kills off the MCP Warrior Elite.

A version with the required hack is available from SVN.

Christians vs Satanists

This game mode relies on three teams: Satanists (played by humans), Christians (also human), and God (played by AI). The God team CANNOT be killed, and any attempt will result in the death of the offender. The Christian team loses points for killing. Their goal is to stay close to players from the God team such that any Satanists attempting to harm them get smitten by God. Satanists mostly play as usual, being careful not to get in God's way.

A version with the required hack is available from SVN.


Also known as "respawning", this game mode is similar to Classic except that players who die respawn. After respawning, they may be invulnerable and blink for a number of seconds to clear any nearby walls. Players joining the game spawn immediately, and do not need to wait for a new round. The match is usually only ended by a score or time limit-- rounds almost never end except by win zone since deaths are temporary.

The hack required to do this is included with recent versions or arma, but you need to #define RESPAWN_HACK (or -DRESPAWN_HACK) when compiling the server to use it.


This mode is also known as "StyBall". Two teams have two goals. A ball is bounced between players from both teams who attempt to move it into the enemy goal, which awards points and ends the round. New players and dead players respawn.

Capture the Flag

Each team has a base and a flag. To score points, you capture an enemy team's flag and bring it back to your base.

Hold the Flag

There is one flag, and don't DIE! You get points the longer you hold on to it. The flag that is.

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