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The First Fort Cup

The First Fort Cup was won by the Hispanic team on November 21st and November 28th!


- Team Name - Captains |GID's| Team members...
- USA 1 - Eckz/1200 |GID, GID| Loki, Saibot, Ender, Boing, Scene, Punish, Flyown, Luck, Paste, Mkay, apparition
- USA 2 - Woned/Wildcat |owned@forums, GID| Raph, BIS, SageLord, Mac&Cheese, teen, Mecca, Distort, Spin, Spook, karma, Yoda
- USA 3 - Tremor/Nelhybel |GID, GID| Compguygene, UnkProductions, Overrated, Bmg, Dal, Eggman, Lanfear, Syre, Magic, Acoustic, Durka
- UKPotter/Hoax |ppotter@aagid, Hoax@forums| Psy, Judders, Fingerbib, Speed, Syllabear, dariv, roger that, Viper, Radian
- Netherlandsolive/Wap |Olive@forums,wap@forums| Emphasis, Lackadaisical, Freako, Hiro, Liz
- GermanyTheroze/Dreadlord |theroze@forums, dreadlord@forums| RoterBaron, Ai-team, Cronix, Matoso, Jip, 75, Akira, Sunnygirl, Raiden, Ashitaka 0ma
- PolandSlash/Deso |slash@ct, Desolate@forums| Yui, Pike, animal, PokeMaster, Red, Sebol158
- CanadaRudy/BigTronDaddy |GID, BTD@forums| Neal, Discosuperstar, Robo, JJBean, Cody
- HispanicsGonzap/Beer |Gonzap@forums, GID| Orion, Maño, Puuquie, Garial, az95, Chah, Insa
- France - Monkey.D.Luffy/Corn |GID, Corn1@forums| 3B, Hell, Fofo, Voodoo, K-yo arks
- Eastern BlocXyron/Emmy |Xyron@forums, emmy@forums| HaMar, SixZero, noname, Diablo, killerbees19, MB53, Elysia
- RefugeesTitanoboa/Noob13 |Titanoboa@forums, noob13@forums| Eraser, Gluggsel, Zat, 66, ]sys, Tank Program, Milan, nara, Slov,


Group 1 - USA 1, Refugees, Eastern Bloc
Group 2 - USA 2, UK, France
Group 3 - USA 3, Poland, Hispanics
Group 4 - Netherlands, Germany, Canada