International Tron World Cup

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All fortress players can participate in this tournament. Just post your name under the name of your country. Please write your name without clan tags.

This is organized in countries, if your country isn't here, edit this page and add it. It will be nice if you respect the alphabetic order. The country has to exist!!! Maybe if the team grows a lot it can make 2 teams, like east and west, it goes 4 usa :P, plz no invented names.

After all interested players register we will update this page with all the instructions of the tournament. Meanwhile here are some details:

The main plan is that it will be a fortress tournament, played in play-offs mode, when teams are ready, there will be a picture showing the brackets of the road to Tron World Cup. And if it is possible we will try to respect football world cup brackets :D

In case of some countries goes short, there will be a alliances, the way they will be is trying to join to another geo-near (example: spain+portugal->iberia, austria+switc->alps, nordics, ...) or just fusion with other short team (we will try to respect issues like belgium and netherland one :P).

A short team will be one with less than 5 players, this will be the minimum numbers of players to play a match.

  • No more players allowed to register
  • The specified country will play with the amount of players that have registered here.
  • All cw in TWC-ITW server, it has good pings for both,america has 180 ping, not so bad.
  • Suggestions will be considered on the next TWC in 4 months->>24 november

Further details can be found on the Official Tron World Cup Website

Groups and Brackets

Groups & Brackets


I have a few suggestions to make the tourney a little fairer, 1. If one team has more players than the other team, the team with more should only use as many as the other team has.(min number 5)I thought that was standard practice, though I guess not. 2. switch between using a european and a north american server, so no one country has an unfair ping advantage. Maybe use US fortress for North america(good/fast connection), and stick with ITW server for the european server--Vanhayes

Thanks for the suggestions. My inclination is not to change anything now the competition has started, but certainly these things will be taken into consideration for the next world cup. Having said that, would NAFTA be happy for Vanhayes' change 1 to be implemented for the rest of this world cup on the understanding that there would not be a rematch?--Dez 18:11, 24 July 2006 (CDT)


Alliance 1 (Austria, Canada, France and Netherlands)

  • 1394-freak
  • JJBean
  • BaTTaL
  • Voodoo
  • k3nny
  • Lackadaisical
  • freako
  • Goodkoen

Alliance 2 (Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, Mexico, Italy)

  • Drashia
  • cusco (PORTUGAL - going away on the 28th for 2 weeks)
  • madmax
  • WebGamer
  • newbie
  • sebol158
  • the godfather (italy sicily player)
  • Tidus (possibly dont will be there)
  • ~Super Daddy~


Link: Team Germany

  • Fr34k(y)
  • Blader
  • PTA
  • Z-Man
  • ~*Mephisto*~
  • $ubzero
  • Slayer
  • H.A.K.
  • Sefgu
  • Tronfreak
  • Alien
  • Narrow
  • dyyXy!!
  • AshitakA

North American Free Tron Alliance (NAFTA)

  • Lucifer
  • BlAzE
  • anjori
  • BaTTaL
  • knojf
  • Vanhayes
  • Wrtlprnft

See Talk:International Tron World Cup for discussion



  • Ossi
  • Sasha
  • badzilla
  • doc
  • man2d



  • Ady-Lucifer (From Cantabria, aka Hell)
  • ORiON(From Seville, Andalucía)
  • ChiCho (From Motril, Andalucia)
  • Xevi (From Barcelona, Catalunya CAT.gif)
  • AuRoN
  • ArcBeetle (From Cordoba, Andalucia)
  • 4400

United Kingdom

  • ed (From Wales)
  • X3R (be AFRAID!)
  • )(Alex)( (*burps* :D)
  • Infamous
  • Syllabear (From N.Ireland)
  • Dez (From England)
  • Sleepy
  • Pyroto
  • 2020 (currently in scotland)
  • Pez
  • Harlequin
  • Xell

United States of America

  • gArIsImO
  • Wildcat(Probably cant make it because of work.)
  • Goodygumdrops
  • Chuck (I'll probably make it, since I have no life and stay at home all day :(, What time EST?)
  • Dµrkå (99.99999999% chance I won't make it)
  • Manta (This is 1PM in the afternoon! doesn't anyone work?)
  • PsYkO WEWT
  • Pandemonium
  • Legit
  • eclipse
  • Stewie! (most likely will not make a very high percentage of not making it.)
  • Kyle (may not make it)
  • Oblivion Muahahaha!
  • Tits