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** Votes: <nowiki>Manta</nowiki>
** Votes: <nowiki>Manta</nowiki>
* Brute Squad
* Brute Squad
** Votes:
** Votes: [[User:Anjori|Anjori]] 11:37, 25 March 2006 (CST)
* Electric Mayhem
* Electric Mayhem
** Votes: <nowiki>Manta</nowiki>
** Votes: <nowiki>Manta</nowiki>

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This is a team put together by Lucifer. Membership is closed except to personal invites from the team. There are other teams that need players and have an open membership thing going, unless you've been personally invited by a member of this team, you should look it over. We don't want to be too greedy. :)

  • anjori - Hours often vary, but usually between 10pm-3am PT. Or catch me on IRC (#armagetron on irc.freenode.net) and ask.
  • Lucifer - Hours vary, but weekends from 10pm-3am CST. I'm on irc too, pm me through the forums to give me an IM in case of a match presenting itself.
  • mkzelda (dookatee) - Never on any consistent schedule. Most often on from 9pm-2am EST. I'm available on #armagetron on freenode.
  • Your_mom (from the team list)
  • Tank Program aka guru3
  • hank - anytime after 10 pm PST. i'll post IM stuff in a bit...
  • Manta (from the team list)

You can look at the other teams on the Team List

The Ongoing Name Thing

Ok, here are the names so far suggested. Try not to add to the list unless you really hate all the names. Otherwise, please add your signature (using ~~~~) next to the names you like. Don't be shy, vote for as many as you'd like.

  • Fighting Smegheads
    • Votes:
  • Knights of Ni
    • Votes: Manta
  • Brute Squad
    • Votes: Anjori 11:37, 25 March 2006 (CST)
  • Electric Mayhem
    • Votes: Manta
  • Don't Care, i.e. I'll be happy with any of them


For our own organizational purposes, I created an irc channel on freenode for us called #armaknights. It probably won't get renamed if we rename the team, I don't know, up to you guys. I put the armabot in there as mod, so register with the bot when you get there so we can leave messages to each other.

Some of us will be lurking there whenever we're around. When it's time to organize games and stuff, we'll need to use it as a staging area for ourselves, and we'll invite other teams to use it for our games.

To join:

  • Download an irc client if you don't have one already. The firefox family has one, there's also Konversation if you use KDE, most open source IM programs support irc.
  • Set it up to connect to freenode with your preferred nickname.
  • irc.freenode.net is the name of the server, if your irc client doesn't already know who freenode is
  • Set it up to automatically open #armaknights if you want to lurk there.

Bot commands of importance:

Bot commands all must start with #, like so:

  1. armaservers
  2. news

Here are commands that are important to us:

  1. message <person> <your message>
  2. news
  3. news <item number>
  4. armaservers

Periodically, when it makes sense, I'll send announcements. The armabot sits on 3 channels, #armagetron, #armagetronteams, and #armaknights. When there's a game that I know about that's staging, I will probably announce it through the bot, so all channels will get the announcement. Currently, I've seen dookatee, anjori, Your_mom, and guru3 all in #armagetron. So we still need hank and Manta.