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mini-TST 9.2.20

The first in a series of miniature Team Sumo Tournaments was played on Sunday, February 9th, 2020. It was won by me and mister (appleseed & mr). Congratulations!

Registration closed on Saturday, Feb 8th, 18:00 UTC.

See the forum thread here.

View the brackets & registered teams here.


  1. Each team consists of 2 players; this is a 2v2v2v2 tournament.

  2. The first team to reach 2000 points advances to the next round.

  3. Once you have played for a team, you are not allowed to play for another team in the same tournament.

  4. Team captains are allowed to find a substitute if their teammate doesn’t show.

    1. If the team captain doesn’t show, their partner is only able to play and find a substitute if they have provided a valid authentication at registration.

  5. It is important that each round begins on time; teams are allowed no longer than 5 minutes past the scheduled time to arrive and get ready. Once 5 minutes have passed, the teams will be locked and the match will begin.

    1. If the team captain is on time but not their partner, the captain may start playing the match alone, having the partner or a substitute join at a later point mid-game. (Make good use of the /lock and /invite commands!)

    2. If the partner has provided an authentication at registration and the team captain isn’t showing, the partner may start alone or invite a substitute once the 5 minutes have passed.

    3. If the delay is due to a previous round taking longer than scheduled, the 5 minutes start only once all of the relevant previous rounds have been finished.

  6. People who cause a disturbance in the tournament servers will be silenced, suspended, kicked, and/or banned at the moderators’ discretion.

Server Settings

RESOURCE_REPOSITORY_SERVER http://www.armanelgtron.tk/aa/resource/
RINCLUDE TST/9.2.20.cfg
RINCLUDE TST/9.2.20_auths.cfg
SERVER_NAME 0x35db72mini-TST 9.2.20 0xabcdef( 0xdb7298Player 1's Server 0xabcdef)


North America

mini-TST 9.2.20 ( kevinh.us USA ) (Kevin) armagetron.kevinh.us:4574 Chicago, IL

mini-TST 9.2.20 ( Noodz’ USA ) (Noodz) Seattle, WA


mini-TST 9.2.20 ( Noodz’ EU ) (Noodz) Amsterdam, NL

mini-TST 9.2.20 ( Z-Man’s EU ) (Z-Man) Germany


Global Moderators

To sign up to be a global moderator, please contact Titanoboa or Nelg in advance.
Server Donors will automatically be placed here.

  • Titanoboa@forums
  • nelg@lt
  • vov@forums
  • abcd@forums
  • Magi@forums
  • Z-Man@forums
  • Noodles@forums


Time Zone Round of 16 Final (estimated time)

GMT (= UTC) 18:00 / 6 PM 18:30 / 6:30 PM
CET (UTC +1) 19:00 / 7 PM 19:30 / 7:30 PM
EST (UTC -5) 13:00 / 1 PM 13:30 / 1:30 PM
PST (UTC -8) 10:00 / 10 AM 10:30 / 10:30 AM
AEST (UTC +10) 04:00 / 4 AM 04:30 / 4:30 AM