The current scoop in the community of ArmagetronAD! News on anything from Lucifer becoming president and legalizing cannibalism, to a new verson being released. Newest news is on top, and the further down you go, the older the news becomes. Date format: Y:M:D


   Since there is a difference in opinions on the timestamp for the 
   news letter, I, TNA, am planning on writing a little PHP script. 
   I plan on it being something simple, like "####" or something stupid   
   like that to trigger it. What it will do is stamp the time where you  
   put it. It will look like this:
   #"???" => the posters current time in their time zone.
   ##Post discussions on it under the discussions page.
   Y:M:D:time-GMT D:M:Y:time-???


   Happy halloween yall :)... 


   Lucifers new server is currently up for. Its named 
   "Labyrinth". It is intended to be a permenent server. For more     
   information goto the labyrinth link. Belly of the beast is 
   indefinately down. Lucifer might run another Fortress server, and it   
   will take the name "Belly of the Beast".


   Well, the skin isn't perfect, there are some rough edges, but I went           
   ahead and made it the default skin. If you like the old skin better,
   it's called "monobook", and you can still use it by going to your 
   preferences page and changing it.


   There is a new skin available for you to look at. It's nowhere
   near finished, but you can look at it anyway. You need to be 
   registered, of course. Then go look at Special:preferences and      
   click "Skins". It's called, predictably, armagetronad. ;)


   Welcome, this is the new news for the wiki and ArmagetronAD. Its    
   made for social news also, including information about servers and    
   things like that.