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Before roulette there was multi-person mazes, a normal maze except with several people participating. Roulette took this concept and inverted it, however inverted mazes also existed before roulette. The term and rules were popularized by players TiTnAsS and Kesshutsu.


  • Requires at-least two players, but more is better.
  • In the beginning of the round follow the person to your lefts wall on the outside. Everyone should be going clockwise.
  • Leave enough room to go back inbetween the walls created by you and the person you are following.
  • Keep following the walls around the arena until you get close to the outer rim.
  • Double back to your right and enter the tunnel you have created, and follow it to the middle.
  • Once you get back in the middle of the giant mass of tunnels, turn left and go out the closest tunnel created by another player.

Optimal Server Settings

  • Infinite wall length
  • Moderately low acceleration
  • Low cycle delay

Good Servers for Roulette

  • Breakfast in Shrunkland
  • World of TNA