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Rebellious States of the World

Before you remove this section, consider the states in the world that have no recognized government against whom you are discriminating, such as Palestine and Taiwan. What country would you have people that live in those areas join? Their mortal enemy? —Lucifer

Dudes u are in usa and canada, i put u there when i removed the country, what is this shit? Anjori are you from quebec? And u luci? u are from texas, what is that? Maybe i have to join u, jajajajj, Catalunya! Catalunya!, jjajajajajajajjaajajjajajajaj —Xevic
Stop it guys this is an international competition , we need countries, if u dont like it then dont participe, but if u want to participe u have to agree our rules.If u decide to keep this “country”, i have to inform you that on the brakets will be only real countries. —AdyLucifer
Why do your rules include automatically putting people on teams they don't want to be on? I don't want to be on the US team, period. If this is a "voluntary" competition with rules, what are the rules? I don't get to volunteer for the team I want to play on, and you don't seem to have any rules for what makes a "real" country. Are you going to make someone from Taiwan sign up as People's Republic of China, even though he fervently considers himself Taiwanese? What about someone part of the Basque independence movement? Or the IRA? Make them play as UK? Is this a political competition or not? ANd do NOT put me on another team! I will play for no other team. —Lucifer
Dude you keep sayin bu_____t.Xevi is from catalunya, they have own estatute and he plays for SPAIN.Dunno guy but on the world map i dont see Rebellious States, maybe I should re-edit all maps and put there this new country, well who of you 3 will be the president? u just 3 ppl in 1 country wow, magic huh?listen dude i see that you dont like it, then why the f_k u still here?wanna have fun with a team u want to be in? play for the f_n ladle but dont kome here and try to change everything just because u feel good or f_n powerful, i dont mind who the f_ you are and please stop annoying me with ur messages ,this isnt a forum. —AdyLucifer
Fine, remove this team if you feel that way about it. But no more outbursts like this, we have a clearly stated and posted Armagetron Advanced Wiki:Policy here. —Lucifer
Yes, this is not a forum, right. But there are talk pages that can be used for related discussions, if they are kept in a relatively clean way. One important part is to not delete others' comments and to not start edit wars (repeatedly reverting someone else's edit) —Wrtlprnft 17:13, 13 July 2006 (CDT)
Ok dudes sorry about that i was a bit altered, lucifer , its not me, i dont want to delete that group and i was very happy when i saw that u was playing but dude, if u want to playdo it for your country, if u dont like it just dont do it, i have nothing against you but u just say the same thing when all that u need to knowits on the rules area. —AdyLucifer
First off, drugs are no excuse. You are still responsible for your actions. Get high on heroin and rape some chick and you still deserve to have your balls cut off. Secondly, I have no interest in playing for the US team. There is so much US-hating around here these days because of politics that if I'm going to join a so-called politically neutral tournament, I want to be able to do it in a way that allows me to distance myself from my country's politics. Maybe you don't care about this, but not only do I care about it, there are others here that care about it. Thirdly, you haven't posted clear rules on what makes a country. All you've indicated is that you have to find it on a map. Fine, I'll give you a map that shows the Republic of Texas, if you'd like. I can also give a map that shows a unified Ireland, Taiwan as a province of Japan, and Taiwan as part of China, and on none of those maps will you find Taiwan as part of the PRC. For that matter, I could probably dig up a PRC map that does show Taiwan as part of it. If you want to be politically neutral, you have to be able to show how you intend to deal with that. I can even dig up a map for Xevi that shows Catalonia as a separate country, but he'll probably have to swear allegiance to a Visigoth. --Lucifer 17:30, 13 July 2006 (CDT)
OMG! OMG! People here is so crazy. What the f_k are saying about politics? i don't care about ur boyfriend bush :P it's just a tron tournament trying to emulate the matches in football (soccer 4 u) world cup, maybe u can play for texas, or taiwan can make his own country no problem with that, but a name like that? When country goes short there will be alliances, then maybe u will get a cool name, but i think u don't fit in that one. Maybe i can fit there cause where i live, u told about basque, in spain there is also catalunya with a similar situation, we have a brothership with them, but we don't have terrorists :P Anyway i don't make kid crys and play for my passport country, maybe perhaps i think here isn't the place to put politic, u are trying to avoid it, but in fact u are puting it. Oh viisgoths are a old people of the hispania's territory, they left to exists like 2000 years :P —Xevic
Currently, Canada lists 4 players (only 3 actually being Canadian), thus not meeting the minimum number of players required to qualify for the tournament. As well, the U.S. team currently has more than enough players. Between these two countries, there also exists a number of players who either would not be able to particpate due to a lack of members or do not wish to play for their respective countries for a variety of personal and/or political reasons. I will note that the rules allow "[i]n case of some countries goes short," for alliances, "the way they will be is trying to join to another geo-near". Therefore, an alliance has been formed between these two factions, to be known as the North American Free Tron Alliance (NAFTA). --anjori 16:19, 17 July 2006 (PDT)

Color useage / United States of America

I love how the 'states' is white so you can't see it =P —Upacreek

I can see the "States of" perfectly fine. What brower are you using because the ackground is gray —Durka
Firefox background is normal, you can see everything, which colors dont really apply. IE on the other hand shows nice background and colors Durka have put in. I guess this site is not Firefox compatible? —User:N00b
IE is a buggy shit of a browser and eats everything you throw at him. If you were to use font tags (bad thing anyways, anyone who uses them should be shot) this would be somewhat right: <font color="#ffffff">...</font>.
There's a variety of themes for this wiki you can select from your settings. The default one has a grayish background, but most of the others have a very bright one. That's why it's a bad idea to put colors in in general, If You Pick One Color, Pick Them All.
I tried to somewhat correct the page, but it still sucks and <span style="color:#fff"> is NOT a good solution, unfortunately the only thing the wiki software has.
Please don't add further codes, I'll delete them. —Wrtlprnft 19:14, 8 July 2006 (CEST)
This explains why firefox shows this page so fucked up on the color part of this section. I had to use IE to view this page the way users set it up. Now whatever happened is even worse lol thanks for info, though. Durka, pimp out this section again so it wont look shity as it does now. —N00b
Codes meaning <code>...</code> or talking like I am now
Ok I will. But who did the light green color thing. It's horrible —Durka
If you abuse a page for comments (talk page would be better), please don't use empty lines, as the wiki software will start a new paragraph, resultion in big amounts of whitespace. And, heck, please sign your posts, I don't wanna mess around with the history to figure out who wrote what. —Wrtlprnft 23:35, 8 July 2006 (CEST)
Actually, this page shows a white background with some transparency and the grid behind it comes through--in firefox. IE doesn't support the PNG standard (which was adopted by the w3c), so IE doesn't show it right. Lucifer 17:32, 13 July 2006 (CDT)