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Here's a brief message from the idiots that don't know how to edit wiki pages

In case you're thinking about looking this stupid, please don't waste your time with it. It really is more valuable than that. These jokers are basically saying they hacked a page that anybody can edit, and I suppose they expect someone to recognize the difficulty of the task and therefore the superior skills of the hackers that edited a page anybody can edit. I bet they celebrate every time they pee. --Lucifer 08:23, 24 December 2007 (PST)

<title>Hacked By SessizCrew # RnsGroup.Org</title> <body bgcolor=black>


SessizCrew WaS Here !

ßen ßir Günde KraL oLmadım ßir Günde de Tahttan İnmem [ ! ]

System 0wnz !

Greetz : GencNesiL ~ 0ssi3 ~ DeLiBeYaZ ~ Fuzbing ~ piyanisT ~ UnKnowN ~ Giuly ~ TaKeDowN ~ VoLqaN ~ Zorbey


MaiL : / SessizCrew@CyberProtest.Net