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| RD3-team01=Wild West
| RD3-team01=Wild West
| RD3-score01=
| RD3-score01=
| RD3-team02=
| RD3-team02=Cataclyzm
| RD3-score02=
| RD3-score02=

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1st Round   2nd Round   3rd Round   4th Round   Finals
Kyle NYC  m&m  
 ~bye~2     Z-Man GER  m&m x  
Z-Man GER  Sparks and friends 1   Kyle NYC  Wild west x  
 Wild West 2       Z-Man GER  Wild West    
gene NY  Rogue Tronners x     gene NY  Cataclyzm    
 Cataclyzm x     gene NY  Cataclyzm 2
gene GER  ~bye~1   gene GER  Crazy Tronners Open Team  
 Crazy Tronners Open Team       Z-Man GER  
    gene NY  
Kyle NYC  x x     Kyle NYC  Crazy Tronners Open Team 1  
 Sparks and Friends x      Sparks and Friends 0     Kyle NYC  Crazy Tronners Open Team     Kyle NYC    
gene GER  x x     gene GER                
 x x