Wild West Alpha

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Wild West Alpha Fortress Team

The Wild West Alpha Fortress Team was first formed from the Wild West Ladle team that managed to win the first round in Ladle 19. During preparations for Ladle 19 there was enough interest among Wild West Clan Members that plans were made to form two teams for subsequent ladles. One of the goals of the Alpha team is to train newer Wild West Fortress players on the Bravo team. By doing this internally, we can insure a continuing future growth of fortress play, and potentially fortress dominance by the Wild West Clan.

In Ladle 20 the Wild West Alpha Team made it to the Semi-Finals and Lost 2-1 to the Crazy Tronners, who went on to win the Ladle. WD Crazy-Tonners! We were very proud to have been able to win one match against the team that won the Ladle! Losing to the Crazy-Tronners was a very valuable learning experience for the Wild West as a whole. And the Wild West owes a debt of gratitude for all the help that the Crazy-Tronners have given us to learn to play Fortress Better! Thank you very much Crazy-Tronners!

In Ladle 21 the Wild West Alpha Team was the only team! Unfortunately, half of our normal Alpha team could not participate at the beginning of the Ladle. So, for this Ladle, we ran a joint team, that lost the first round by only 6 points and the second round by only 2 points. We were barely beaten by the Twisted Rats! The Twisted Rats went on to lose in the Semi-Finals to Plus, who lost to the Undefeated Arrow Clan! Needless to say, we are not dispirited, but highly motivated to beat the Twisted Rats in a clan challenge. Oh well, a minor setback on the road to long-term victory!