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=== About Us ===
=== About Us ===

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The °°ps team (formerly °°ps clan) is a little friendly group of fortress players.

We play together in fortress competitions and we have a space at forums.armagetronad.net (we also have a little indipendent site) where we talk about armagetron or anything else we like to talk.

About competitions, we would like to invite some external players to join us for the occasions, of course without obbligations. We think that playing together and share experiences is the best way to have great times playing this game, so don't be afraid to ask if you would like to play with us!

Regular Members






About Us

First time I met Hay-Lin was my first clan war. My first clan war in my first clan, ady's hg. I remember I thought she was a japanese, her nick Tchii or Hay-Lin suggested that, and I also remember she was a lag complainer like no one else. Well, the truth is that she was not japanese, but french, however I still think she's one of the most lag-complaining player around. It was love at first sight.

In a little while she was inside hg and somehow we started to talk and to pout dissatisfaction in the clan we were in. Finally we decided to leave hg together.

And we lived happy and had many children... NO! ( I mean not yet ).

Meantime nrx (a fortress player who was in CT) was looking for players for the upcoming Ladle. The name, the tag, and the players has been found rapidly and the µ|micro team had all of a perfect team. We joined them, but what did happen?! It didn't work, the players were too detached and me and Hay-Lin decided to play respectively for WS and AW.

After the Ladle we had an idea: "why don't we build our own clan?!". First we looked for a name and a tag. Hay-Lin thought about ¢¢ = ¢yber ¢ombat clan but we finally chose °° = OOps clan.

Then we looked for players who were susceptible to join and help them to take care of the clan.

Consequently °°ps clan grew up, reached and even exceeded the 10 members limit. It participated to several competitions like ladles, TST, etc...

More than one year later, after various member changes and some inactive periods, °°ps clan undergoes an important change. Me and Hay-Lin decided, after some weeks of reflection and long discussion, to propose °°ps members to change status from clan to team.

Every member seemed to agreed with our point of view.

So actually °°ps is a team and will be glad to accept some external players for every event or tournament.

Thanks for the attention.

Rain 19:37, 19 January 2008 (PST)