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îPwn started out when a little llama_pwnage joined Armagetron in Jan. 2010. At about December llama_pwnage grew better and changed his name to something more pro (Not Really) To Insta Llama. He had always played on an old HR server called ~Dolo~ High Rubber! Until it was closed. Soon after he found Afrothunder's High Rubber and Changed his name to Ninja Llama, and joined his first clan, Apple. Ninja Llama only played for a little while until he quit armagetron for awhile. Meanwhile, ph|CharGeD was at it with his clan ph. When Ninja Llama started playing again, he met Alma, whom which they both joined PK. Alma had left PK for a short time but rejoined once again. Around this time, Ninja llama changed his name to FedX'd, but didn't like the name and went with Fake. Soon after, the clan fell apart and Fake and Alma left. Alma made her own clan, HC, and Fake was stuck with some choices. He applied for HA, and probably would have made it if he didn't reject his own application. Around this time, CharGeD quit ph and was a no-clan. Fake, seeing Alma make HC, decided to make his own clan called -=FeP| Which stood for -For Entertainment Purposes.- The clan was going fine and while Fake was playing on afro he saw Charged with no clan (He was actually in ZG), so he asked him to join FeP. CharGeD didn't want too and wanted to make his own clan, but by the end of the day they merged clans and made îPwn. Alma is still continuing HC today and has joined ph :). îPwn currently has 6 members, (More to be recruited) Including 2 admins (Fake and CharGed), One moderator (Altair) and 3 members, (RastaPanda, OvEr, Boom). How ever soon after the clans creation Altair was asked to help co-lead iPwn which he agreed. Soon after Altair became a co-leader the iPwn servers created by CharGeD became very popular but then fighting among the leaders lead to the vote to kick fake from the clan. The clan thrived until Altair told charged he was planning to quit arma to try to write comics and CharGeD said he was planning to leave for unknown purposes. The clan fell apart to be reborn 2 months Later by Charged and Supported by Altair into iPwn+ Admins: Altair , ÇharGeD Members: RastaPanda OvEr Boom

Apply here: fepforums.forumotion.com Or you can find me or altair mostly on Afrothunder's High Rubber to test you, CharGeD is pretty much everywhere.

Hopefully this clan will strive :)