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1 v 1 S u m o T o u r n a m e n t 2 0 2 0

64 Player 1v1 Sumo Tournament - Sunday, Aug 9th, 2020

Sign-ups are OPEN!

General Information


  • You need a working @forums account (or equivalent).
  • It's best of 3. Score limiit is 600. No round limit.
  • You mustn't be more than 5 mins late after starting time (or after the end of your previous round), or your opponent may claim the win.
  • To move to a backup server, both players must agree.
  • Admins/Mods may not abuse their powers.
  • Seeds will be determined based on SBL rankings. For the possibility to be seeded, use the same login as in SBL.

Very important, there will be 2 opening rounds! A time will be listed under the server part if you're in opening round 2 :)

Sign Ups

To add yourself, simply choose your server preference (US, EU, Don't Care) and add your Global ID to it.
{{1v1 US|username|authority}} {{1v1 EU|username|authority}} {{1v1 IDC|username|authority}}
Example: {{1v1 EU|Titanoboa|forums}}
MAX 32 USA players & 32 EURO players



Players signed up here are guaranteed a spot as long as they are amongst the first 64 to sign up, and will be assigned a region by whatever's free at the end.

  1. Example@forums


Players with a preference to play in EU servers sign up here.

  1. Titanoboa@forums
  2. Olive@forums


Players with a preference to play in US servers sign up here.

  1. Example@forums



I will be giving moderator access to a whole bunch of players to help the flow of the tournament. (If you find yourself without a mod or Team Leader to start your match, just go to spec and back to force a new match. Easy.)


To add a server just copy and paste this code and fill out the required information.

{{1v1 Server|Your server name|ip|port|Location|[http://serverwebsite.com http://serverwebsite.com]}}


  • 1v1 Sumo Tournament (Deso's NY1) () New York, USA


  • 1v1 Sumo Tournament (Deso's EU1) () Germany

Server Configs




To edit the bracket Click here

  Opening Round 17:30 Sweet Sixteen 18:00 GMT Elite Eight 18:30 Final Four 19:00 Championship 19:30
  Deso's EU 1  Olive 2  
  Titan's EU 1  koala  
Deso's EU 1  koala x
  Deso's EU 1  olive 0  
  Z-Man's  RoterBaron 2  
  Z-Man's GER 2  RoterBaron 2
  Deso's EU 2  Titanoboa 1  
  Deso's EU 1  RoterBaron 1  
  Kevin.US 1  orion 2  
  Kevin.US 1  Fini 0
   orion 2  
Kevin.US 1  orion 2
 Agility 0  
  Kevin.US 1  orion 2
  Deso's NY 2  Magic 0  
  Deso NY 2  Magic 2
   thxmp 0  
Deso's NY 1  orion 0
Z-Man's  carnage 2
  Noodles' US  raph 2  
   Nanu 0  
  Noodles' US  raph 2  
  Dumb Tronners NY  Jericho 0  
  Dumb Tronners NY  Force 0
   Jericho 2  
  Deso's NY 1  raph 0
  Noodles' US  carnage 2  
  Kevin.US 2  dooov 0
   Noodles 2  
  Deso's NY 1  Noodles 0
  Kevin.US 2  carnage 2  
  Deso's NY 1  Assaindan x
   carnage x