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Hey there, this is the 1v1 64 person Sumo tournament!

This Will take Place August 28th

Hosted by: Cody :)

Quick Rules.

You need a working @forums/Global ID

Its best of 3, unlimited rounds. Max points is 600.

Regular sumo, just 1v1.

Cannot be more then 5mins late after starting time.

Admins/Mods may not abuse their powers, if doing so you will lose those powers.

Also Please don't be under aliased, this tournament is also going to help us in sumo stats.

Very important, there will be 2 opening rounds! A time will be listed under the server part if your in opening round 2 :)

Past Tournaments

Click Here For Past Tournaments Results

Sign Ups

# '''Name here''' <code>Global ID here</code>
  1. ¢×Ð¥ Cody@forums
  2. dreadlord dreadlord@forums
  3. LucK LucK@forums
  4. Syllabear syllabear@forums
  5. Acid ItzAcid@forums
  6. / slashy@forums
  7. wap wap@forums
  8. Elmo ElmosWorld@forums
  9. <^v{}v^> vov@forums
  10. zat zat@forums



Admins help out with any troubles and editing the wiki bracket, you can still play and be an admin too :)


Too add a server just copy n paste this quick code i have:) Also we need 16 servers :> lets get them :D

* '''1v1 64 Sumo Tournament(Server Name) (US/EU)''' ([[ServerAdmin|ServerAdmin]]) <code>Address:Port</code> ''Location''

Server Configs

RINCLUDE 1v1ST.cfg(http://1v1sb.99k.org/resource/1v1ST.cfg)
RINCLUDE sumoauth.cfg(http://1v1sb.99k.org/resource/sumoauth.cfg)
SERVER_NAME 0xef95551v1 64 Sumo Tournament0xff3432 (0xffffff!insert clan/team/whatever name here!0xff3432)


Opening Round Starting Time

GMT: 17:00PM(5PM)
EDT: 1:00PM
CDT: 12:00PM(Noon)
MDT: 11:00AM
PDT: 10:00AM
MST: 10:00AM (Important if you live in some parts of AZ)

2nd Opening Round Starting Time

GMT: 17:35PM(5:35PM)
EDT: 1:35PM
CDT: 12:35PM(Noon)
MDT: 11:35AM
PDT: 10:35AM
MST: 10:35AM

Round 2 Starting Time

GMT: 18:05PM(6:05PM)
EDT: 2:05PM
CDT: 1:05PM
MDT: 12:05PM(noon)
PDT: 11:05AM
MST: 11:05AM


Too edit the bracket Click here

  Opening Round Round 2 Round 3 Quarter Finals Semi Finals Finals
ZMans  vov 2  
18:00GMT  Jrotc 0  
  ZMans  vov 2  
  18:15GMT  Fini ?  
ID DE  Cronix 0
18:00GMT  Fini 2  
  ZMans  vov 2  
  18:45GMT  chah 1  
ID VA 2  Faze x  
18:00GMT  chah 2  
  ID VA 2  chah 2
  18:15GMT  Gazelle 1  
CT-USA  Gazelle 2
18:00GMT  Slick 0  
  ZMans  vov 2  
  Zero1  b3n 0  
ID IE  Jasper x  
18:00GMT  11 0  
  uNks  11 1
  18:15GMT  b3n 2  
uNks  Kuhbär 0
18:00GMT  b3n 2  
  Zero1  b3n 2
  18:45GMT  raph 1  
Zero1  vAirman x  
18:00GMT  Red 0  
  Zero1  Red 0
  18:15GMT  raph 2  
ID VA 1  Peter x
18:00GMT  raph 0  
ZMans  vov 2  
CT-USA  Durka 0  
  ZMans  AI 0  
  18:30GMT  dreadlord 2  
  uNks  dreadlord 2  
  18:45GMT  koala 0  
  ID IE  koala 2
  18:30GMT  hi ?  
  CT-USA  dreadlord 1
  uNks  Durka 2  
  ID VA 2  Durka  
  18:30GMT  Jericho 0  
  CT-USA  Durka 2
  18:45GMT  CxDy 0  
  CT-USA  Eckz 1
  18:30GMT  CxDy 2  
ZMans  vov 1
Zero2  wap 2
  ID DE  liz x  
  18:30GMT  jenga x  
  ID DE  liz 2  
  18:45GMT  Hacz 0  
  ID IE  Hacz x
  18:30GMT  Elmo x  
  ID DE  liz 2  
  ID VA 3  squirrel 0  
  ID VA 3  Locke 0
  18:30GMT  squirrel 2  
  ID VA 3  squirrel 2
  18:45GMT  Zero 0  
  Zero1  Zero 2
  18:30GMT  Donut 0  
Zero2  liz 0
ID DE  wap 2  
ID DE  wap 2  
18:15GMT  Dame Primus 0  
  ID VA 4  wap 2  
  18:30GMT  vein ?  
ID VA 4  boobert 0
18:15GMT  vein 2  
  ID VA 4  wap 2  
  18:45GMT  Shock 0  
CT-USA  Shock 2  
18:15GMT  pH=2 x  
  Zero2  Shock 2
  18:30GMT  tim Misny 0  
Zero2  Fate 1
18:15GMT  tim misny 2  
  Zero2  wap 2
  CT-LIV  appleseed 0  
ID IE  potter x  
18:15GMT  Demosthenes x  
  Tru's  Desmosthenes 1
  18:30GMT  ihptru 2  
Tru's  House 1
18:15GMT  ihptru 2  
  Zero2  ihptru 0
  18:45GMT  appleseed 2  
ID VA 3  Dimebag 1  
18:15GMT  appleseed 2  
  ID VA 1  appleseed 2
  18:30GMT  over 1  
ID VA 1  Chop suey 1
18:15GMT  over 2