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2 vs 2 Loose DogFight Tournament

2 vs 2 Loose Dogfight Tournament - Saturday, TBA TBA, 2020

Sign-ups are NOT OPEN!


Welcome to the 1 vs 1 Loose Dogfight Tournament! This tournament will take place April 18th. Sign Ups Are Open

Basic Rules

First player to 7 points wins the round. First player to win 2 rounds wins that match.

If a player is killed by an illegal move, they are respawned by a referee and the point gained from the kill is removed. If their death causes the round to end, the score is adjusted but no respawn is necessary.

When an attacker executes an illegal move, they may remain in the lead, but are expected to stop trapping until the escaping player either gets past the illegal move or is killed by it.

Continual excessive and purposeful use of illegal moves after being warned multiple times is grounds for a player being disqualified from the tournament (up to the referee's discretion).

When escaping, a player may do anything and everything in their power to survive short of camping and back-dooring (see exclusions below).

Move List

Green = Legal

Red = Illegal

   Steering your cycle into a line (a wall made by you or another player) thus using rubber and sealing (closing) the path for any pursuing players is an illegal move. Stabbing or digging on any player's line to get in front of another player is also an illegal move.
   Flat Hooks/Traps/Tunnels
   If you perform a hook/trap/tunnel that is more than half flat (less than half the width of a full double bind) according to ref's judgement, then it is an illegal move.
   Back-dooring (retreating from a clean/legal trap by reversing direction to avoid it) is illegal. You must attempt to escape all traps, period.
   Rim Stabbing/Digging
   Stabbing or digging on the rim to gain the lead over another player is illegal. Stabbing or digging on any player's line to gain the lead over another player is also illegal.
   There are two occurrences of camping. The first is called running, and it involves continually and deliberately running away from a fight and/or boxing yourself in to avoid fighting. This is illegal. The second happens when you are escaping: if you are (as judged by the referee) excessively binding back and forth in the same spot waiting for the wall that was trapped upon to disappear, this is illegal.
   Perfect Turns
   This just what it sounds like. While attacking, when you turn on a corner and it's flush ("perfect") with the wall, your opponent either has to dig or do another perfect turn to get past it. The important thing to note is that no rubber is used, and it's not a stab. These are considered legal, though they are difficult to pull off.
   Line Traps
   To discourage accidental stabs, when hooking or tunneling on a flat line, a player may not contact the line with any amount of rubber whatsoever, half flat or otherwise. Clean line trapping is legal, but not very effective and/or smart.
   Chat Kill
   If a player is killed while they are chatting (chat bot), that is legal. Don't go afk while playing, if you get killed that is not against the rules.


You need a working @forums/Global ID

If you are more than five minutes late you will be disqualified.

Admins/Mods will be chosen, please do not abuse these privileges.

No aliases please. Make sure to use the alias you signed up with.

The official rules of Loose Dogfight will be in effect. They are as follows:

1. No closing is permitted. (That means any wall as well as the rim.)

2. No backdooring is permitted. (If you begin a fight you may not retreat unless sealed.)

3. There will be no bickering or arguing. Referees will be present, but unfortunately are not able to see everything. In the event that this happens if the two players can not come to an agreement both will be removed from the tournament.

4. No camping is permitted. Dogfight is about finishing the fight, so lets not maze or dick around unless you have defeated your opponent. ;)

5. Please play fair. This tournament is designed for competition but that doesn't mean we can't have fun.

Signing Up

Signups are done through google forums you can sign up down below.

Signups will close 2-1 days before the tournament to update the brackets


  September 25 2020
  12:49 AM CDT
Number of Players : TBA





Server Configs



GMT: 18:00 (6:00PM)

CEST: 20:00 (8:00PM)

EDT: 14:00 (2:00PM)

CDT: 13:00 (1:00PM)

MDT: 12:00 (12:00PM)


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