4 Team Fortress Tourney 1 - Feedback/Winners

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Congratulations to CT (Crazy Tronners) clan for winning the first 4 Team Fortress Tournament.


Gold Medal - Crazy Tronners

CT won the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th matches to be crowned champion! They also almost won the first. An amazing job especially to a team that was half-asleep.

Silver Medal - We Pwn Noobs

WPN came from behind in all 4 matches only being able to win the first one. A job well done for only having 2 official members being able to play.

Bronze Medal - SLCT

It was unfortunate that SP did not show up, but 2 members of SL and 2 members of CT were gladly waiting to play. They combined to make SLCT. At the last match, AST Alex came in and gave blue a huge boost, almosst beating CT in that 4th match. Great effort.

Noob Medal - WS

Sadly, WS could not figure out how to stop the other teams. Getting last place in almost all of the matches. Thus, they are "awarded" the Noob Medal.

Match Winners

Complete Scores

For complete scores for each person in each match please visit this.

1st Match

Overall Winner: Team green after 10 rounds. Final Scores:

Team Score
WPN (green) 171
CT (gold) 168
SLCT (blue) 125
WS (red) 74

2nd Match

Overall Winner: Team gold with 214 points. Final Scores:

Team Score
CT (gold) 214
WPN (green) 109
WS (red) 47
SLCT (blue) 32

3rd Match

Overall Winner: Team gold with 206 points. Final Scores:

Team Score
CT (gold) 206
WPN (green) 169
WS (red) 112
SLCT (blue) 24

4th Match

Overall Winner: Team gold with 224 points. Final Scores:

Team Score
CT (gold) 224
SLCT (blue) 146
WPN (green) 136
WS (red) 71


Got anything to say about how the tournament went? Post it below.


How was the quality of the server?

Bad for about every clan but CT (that tops it off.) -Anonymous

Server was fine. Confusion at the start over which server to go to, though, since it was clearly labeled "Do Not Use This Server For Tourney!". -CTxWargasm


Do you think it was organized well?

I'm just glad they decided on the winner of 3 instead of winner of 5. Perhaps in the future there should be a specifically set number of matches and winner is based on average score. Lukily, CT ruled and we only had 4 matches, but it could have been dragged out to 9 matches (2+2+2+3) -- which is still better than 17 possible matches for winner of 5 (4+4+4+5). -CTxWargasm

Everything was organized well...but please change the time! It was nearly impossible to play for normal people (working 5 days a week?) living in timezones like GMT+1/2. For us, the Tournament started at 24 GMT! And how long does it take? 1-2 Ours?! -~*sP*~fr34ky!

Overall...Did you like it?

Should we do it again? Yes...no...maybe so?

It was fun. Yes. -CT×Wargasm Yes, was funny, but plz, a couple of hours earlier, today i'm like a zombie ;) - CT×Xevi

Did anybody record it?

Please post your recordings if you made them. Zip 'em up and upload them here using [[Media:recording.zip]]. Then click the resulting red link to upload the file itself. I know it's strange, but please do so, if you have a recording made. Thanks. --Lucifer 15:34, 18 September 2006 (CDT)

I did not record it, but since I am the admin of the server, I have the score logs etc. ---Durka 17:45, 18 September 2006 (CDT)

  • Can't make a movie from a score log... Suppose I should have said that was my intention originally, heh. --Lucifer 02:18, 19 September 2006 (CDT)
    • LOL I know that Luci...I'm not dumb. I was just telling you that I had them :D ---Durka 20:39, 19 September 2006 (CDT)

Durka, post zipped score-log here, it would be usefull when I will create some statistic table --Sasha

Sasha: check your PMs on the Arma forums again. ---Durka 20:39, 19 September 2006 (CDT)