4 Team Fortress Tourney 2

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4 Team Fortress Tournament #2 Info | Main | Teams | Discussion | Organization | Communication | Brackets

Alright guys, it has determined that we will do another 4 Team Fortress Tourney. So here's how it's going to work this time.



Date & Time set! April 25, 2010

  • It is back on! Hosted by TheServerPharm.


Opening Round 12:00 15:00 20:00 21:00

(time conversion here)


Ok so I was thinking that we could do 12 teams in American Servers, and 8 teams in European servers, more if needed can be donated by others. All playing at the same time. I can host on 3 different servers in the US and 2 in Europe. This time it doesn't have to be clans, but clans can sign up teams if they wish. Any 4 people can sign up, BUT team imbalance will be on so a team could have 1 player while the rest will have 4. So it is your job to organize your team. Pick wisely. I would highly recommend having at least one sub for that person that couldn't make it, or who's internet connections suddenly becomes laggy. To ensure that the tournament does not run too long rounds will have a 10 minute time limit (LIMIT_TIME 10). The top 2 teams will advance to the next round. It should be very unlikely that teams play a round in more than 5-7 minutes, but this way I can ensure that no single set of 3 rounds can run longer than 30 minutes. It is possible that teams will finish a round in 15-20 minutes and be able to just move to the next round of play. The hope is to avoid delays and keep the action going as quickly as possible.

Responsibilities, duties and rules.

Global Moderators

Duties include starting the matches, editing team names to reflect scores, settling disputes between teams, silencing spammers or distributive spectators not using the /team chat. They may also silence participating players if they are being insulting to the opponents or distracting them in a obvious way. They may kick constant hassling spectators that are avoiding the silence feature by rejoining. They are also above the Team Leader's and Team Member's in terms of authority so they may make the final decision if there is a disagreement between the two team leaders.

Team Leaders

If there is no GM to referee over the round then both team Leader's equally decide what should happen. Duties include starting the matches, editing team names to reflect scores, silencing spammers or distributive spectators not using the /team chat. They are above the Team Members in terms of authority so they make the final decision for their own participating team. Both Team Leader's have equal share of the complete decision, if there is no GM present and there is a dispute between a decision that prevents the matches from beginning (or continuing) then a GM must be called in to make a decision.

Team Members

They have no specific authority other than all equally deciding on a new Team Leader if the original team leader is not present (or wishes to promote somebody else to the new Team Leader).


1. For the opening round ANY TEAM NOT READY TO START BY 5 MINUTES LATER THAN THE SCHEDULED START TIME WILL EITHER PLAY WITH WHO IS THERE, OR FORFEIT! NO EXCEPTIONS! 2. Be nice to each other, and have fun. Global moderators have the authority to step in at any time and on the spot make rulings in the case of any type of dispute. The following is a list of the rough guidelines that they will follow. If there is any dispute about any decision they make, they will contact me, and I will make a final determination, period. However, I am going to choose 2 people that I feel can be trusted to not be hasty or harsh in judgment. The idea is that Global moderators should only need to guide the tournament along, and be around with the proper rights in any server to fix any technical difficulties. They should only need to do any sort of moderation AS A LAST RESORT!

Global Moderator Guidelines

The goal is to follow a self-moderating, self-organizing model for this tournament. Global Moderators should only need to step in if there is a "flame war" in a server, or a dispute as to the results of a match. Global Moderators will be able to reach compguygene by telephone, if needed. The idea is simple, Global Moderators are around to help, not cause trouble, or make trouble worse. Unfortunately, Global Moderators need a few guidelines to follow, in case of trouble.

1. Competition and Fun is the focus here. Only if absolutely necessary to stop excessive flaming should anybody need to silence anyone, anytime. It is expected that people may "trash talk" some, and tease each other as part of the fun! Excessive moderation can cause more trouble than good.

2. If a player is truly being unruly, the first step is to talk to them. The second step, is to silence them. The third step is to suspend them. The fourth step is to kick them. The assumption is that if things hit step four, they are kicked not just from the server, but from the tournament.

3. If there is a dispute about the results of a match, a Global Moderator will contact me immediately, and I will either review the log myself, or give them the info to look. However, Global Moderators will be expected to just use their best judgment to sort out any mess that happens. Compguygene is a very busy family guy, and while this tournament is going on, I will probably be not even home. So, if compguygene gets a phone call, he will be very grumpy about having to fix some silly mess. Please don't expect compguygene to be his usual nice self if a Global Moderator has to call his cell phone!

4. Global Moderator decisions are final.


I'm going to separate pages for most of the info because last time it seemed that everything was too crowed on the front page. Back on topic. Pick a name for your team (or if your clan is playing or Ladle team that's fine). DO NOT SIGN UP THE PEOPLE YOU WANT TO BE ON YOUR TEAM. Even if they tell you ingame that they will play, it is best that they come here and do it so they can get more information on what's going on. So stick your name down on the Teams List.


Got anything to suggest or comment on how this tournament should work? Post in the discussion section of this page.


Last time we MAY have been just a bit unorganized due to a team forfeiting, but overall we started pretty much on time. So this is how we are going to organize this:

  • Step 1: Sign up on the Teams List
  • Step 2: Pick a team captain
  • Step 3: Place your team name under which server you would like to play in (1st come, 1st serve(r))
  • Step 4: Tell the people that you want to be on your team to go sign up on the Wiki
  • Step 5.5: (On the day for any team members) Go into the 4 Team Fortress 2 Chat Room, a GameServer that will be running as a huge chat room 30-45 minutes before the start. This should be the central place for anyone to meet if they don't know where to go or what to do. Ideally teams should just show up in the server that they play in without needing to meet anywhere and start the first round within 5 minutes of the start time! Any team that is not ready to play by 5 minutes of the scheduled start time, will be considered to forfeit or play with whoever is there. Time delays to start the tournament will NOT be tolerated. This is being scheduled late enough in the evening for many Europeans, that to make it fun, it has to go quickly and start ON TIME.
  • Step 5: (On the day) Organize your team at least 30 minutes ahead of time
  • Step 6: (On the day) Once your team is assembled, begin warming up. There will be no warm-up rounds.
  • Step 7: (On the day) Play the first round
  • Step 8: (On the day) After the 1st round, the 2 winning teams should just go to the next server. There will be enough extra spectator slots to wait if necessary. If anybody is confused go the 4 Team Fortress 2 Chat Room, a GameServer that will be running as a huge chat room. Each server will only have 16 player slots, but 34 slots total to allow for 18 spectators. If team captains just do as as instructed, nobody should have to tell anybody where to go or what to do.
  • Step 9: (On the day) Play through the brackets. The server that the Finals will be hosted in have a 60 person limit. So, there will be plenty of room for spectators to enjoy the best 4 teams slugging it out in what is hoped to be an epic battle for the win
  • Step 10: HAVE FUN!


Very simple, just like in the ladle, there are plenty of spectator slots. When your first match is over, just go to the next server, and wait if a match is still going on. As a last resort go to 4 Team Fortress 2 Chat Room, a GameServer that will be running as a huge chat room. There really should be no need for admins per se. But, I will make sure that 2 global admins watch over the tourney to stop any problems. I cannot be there to run the tourney myself, but I may be available to a select group of people via IM, that include the global admins. This should really run like a Ladle, just quicker.


Team Captains please place your team down under which server you would like to play in (1st come, 1st server(r)).