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  • This page is for The Anarchic Wanderers' Talk page, which gets quite messy and hard to find what is new, or find something that is old. This page makes it so we can get rid of all the old clutter without erasing the past, incase someone would like to see what was said.

The Spoon Game History

History of KNOCKOUT matches

[fe]:Forfeited, We win be default.

Playoffs Results

History of Seed matches

Something Something(??):Lose 2-0 for them.
Knights of Ni(ni):Win 2-0 for us.
MBC:Win 2-1 for us.
Crazy Tronners(CT):Win 2-0 for us.

Seed Results

comments on them posted here.


Right, guys, I am inviting your to stick your name down on the team list. I've put the team down but only my name so far is up there! I have set the date for 9pm GMT Sat 1st July -- hope you can make it.

I know we all have different ideas about how to organise competitions. We tried spreading it out. The Spoon worked for 2 weeks, but the play-offs were dead in the water. So, I am hoping we can do it in one night -- a winner is guaranteed -- a CLIMAX finally! If you have other ideas about how to organise it, please present them on THE LADLE page as an alternative to the one-day ladle.

Write your responses here, or email me, or skype me, or message me, or chat on the grid...

We can do this guys... we were one of the most proactive teams in the Spoon... which is saying something for we are an anarchic bunch of lubs...

Talk Page

today is the day... hope we all get together... garissimo.. where are we collecting.. how will we know who to play and where?
sure gar, you can be goalie... we have lost a few more players who have started up their own team - LOL - good luck to them... as for asking others to join... go ahead gar --- AND WE NEED A CAPTAIN... anybody wishing to take up the responsibilities should look at Challenge Room
If you want to set it up, I am done with setting matches up for a while,busy and such, but if the time works for me I'll show up.
We have a new team, with most gone off to Speeders clan... I am looking forward to the game... would be nice to have a practice session at least once... an open invitation/challenge to others... perhaps next weekend sometime? You up for that Van?

Spoon discussion

I have been busy with school, baseball just started, work: I finally got a job, and with the money I have from my job, Getting drunk. So if somone on AW would want to scheduale the MBC game, I would do my best to show up at the time, but untill middle of june, or later, I'll be pretty busy So I cant really do much.
No luck this weekend hayes :/? Garisimo: Anarchic as the anarchic wanderers are we can't really restrict anyone from playing or to play. But if you'd like to have those people to play, i suggest asking them when you catch them on the grid and point them to this page :) I guess all of them have seen this page at least once, but i doubt everyone is still checking this often. I'm pro both joda's idea and a match against SP btw, maybe we can combine both and have our first meeting playing against SP.
Yo, WHILE WE WAIT ANOTHER 2 YEARS to play the final in the SPOON!

can we organize a friendly match against SP? We'll just play for beers or something. I would like to nominate Van or Lacks as our capts. and here is my proposed team of 8 to fuckem up, any thoughts? (~Lacks, Van, Maz, Zop, 2020 YUP :), gArIs, Nemo, Ghab~)

@2020 Once The Spoon is over, I'd like to try out Joda's idea about one match each weekend, this would make everything alot easier, and we can try another version of Tronic later on(try to perfect our methods)@Joda I am schedualing a match with MBC vs AW, but if enough people vote that they would alow you guys to come back in then I'd call it off, "enough" being not only majority of AW but of other teams too.
Yeah... trying to get a decision is tricky enough in one's own team, let alone getting a decision out of another team... just do it Joda... Van: could you look at all this and please consider a possible future event where we all play on one night over a couple of hours.... please...? it would make all this talk obsolete...
I gotta say no for me on this joda, just doesnt seem fair, you guys didnt do seed then when you played knock out round you lost. But if majority say they wanna do it, than Who am I to say no? I'll putt a vote on it but I don't know how many people actually check this anymore.(vote above plz)
I just want to know if (most of) AW accept the 8th reentering instead of Knights of Ni. MBC seems to be ok with doing a match against us, so I'm trying to contact the remaining teams about it. (Would be nice if AW could agree on a opinion ;))

Non-Spoon discussion

@2020: If you are talking about the game history, and comments posted on them there is a link to that page, as to the talk page once this one gets too big again i'll move it, or someone else can if they want, to another page. I really don't feel like going into the history and digging up the deleted stuff but if you really want me to I can.
van: i understand your cleaning up the front page, tho may i ask that you leave some links to archives, otherwise there is no history... and i think that would be shame... when eg me or eg ghab or even you wrote comments about a game, i think they should be kept somewhere rather than trashed or lost...
General way they do this on wikipedia is that they use the separate talk page and once it gets too full they just move it somewhere else (preserving the history) and create a new one under the old name with a link to the one they just moved... but that would assume a certain consistency and order on the talk page, which isn't the case here... --Wrtlprnft 19:37, 17 May 2006 (CDT)
I think i'd rather have it on a regular weekday, at around 20.00~21.00 gmt? it seems most of us are playing around that time anyway. Next, who do we ask? I'd say we just tell anyone we know, but that might've pose a problem when there are too many people (we'd like to get close to 16 but not more) if we can get around arranging a day/time before monday i think i'll let the people of ss know, to catch a bunch of good players at once.
regular time sounds good to me... wed 21 gmt...
Ya I like the idea of a organised match every weekend at the same time, so if u miss one u can just catch the next one. As for the teams how bout u pick 2 captains each weekend, and they pick their teams from who shows up?(I'm assuming this is being done on Z-man's spoon server, where u have more freedom with teams.)
How about 4 matches per month (one each weekend?) ? We can either use loose teams and just meet at the same time or use fixed teams and pick the time flexible (perhaps even both, but if it too loose I guess it won't last).
psyko: to be fair that was when Fe actually played alot, and had some really good players,they still do btw just havent seen alot of them in a while. And when are madmax and Mazuffer joining SP?
Yeah, high level regular matches would be great too madmax, we could try and make some sort of fight-club kind of deal. mmm....
sp will gladly play AW when madmax and mazuffer join sp
and to think...AW actually lost to fe lol
I would love to see high-level *regular* matches!
i am in too lack...
that sounds good to me, I'm in, when the spoon is over we can set it up.
from garisimo
I am down with lacksy! count me in too.
from Lackadaisical
Hey i was thinking, it would be cool if the 'non-spoon'(pre-spoon? old-skool?) anarchic wanderers would try and play against SP clan like there once was a game against fe. Ofcourse this would be best after the spoon to avoid confusion. Would be a pretty cool game, and if it ever happens, count me in ;)
from 2020
been wondering about that sp tag of yours... you must have a full complement by now... look forward to playing against you sometime... you will be a team to beat... if we ever do another tournament, I suspect SP will have a good chance of taking away the prize...

old vote thingy


garisimo -FOR- I am in too! fuckit man lets just play for crying out loud...its not like the organization of this spoon tournament has been sharp. Let the 8th team play they came in it late anyway. Who the fuck cares! we are going to win it all!
2020-against? though any game would be nice now... doesn't have to be in the spoon remit... whatever... I am in...
Lack-Against.. shouldn't you guys be playing against MBC now, since Ni gave them the quarter finals? AFAIK their game against 8th team is just a friendly match. We got a match (semifinals)against CT this monday, and after that we will be waiting for you. (or CT of course, but lets hope not).
TBL - AGAINST. umm well i have a final on wednesday, and a wedding this weekend. and a few finals next week. and im going somewhere on thursday and fri. i may have time on wednesday nextweek however. wednesday nextweek would be good and 12pm gmt is fine for me.