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This is the Armagetron Advanced Wiki! It is a wiki to be used by all for all, to document all those little things that we all know, but apparently many people don't know. Or we wouldn't have to keep repeating ourselves so much.  :)

What is a wiki?

This is a wiki! Or, more specifically, a wiki is a type of web site where everyone can edit the pages, create new pages, and stuff like that. To be an editor you just have to learn what things editors do and start doing them. The idea is that if you have some information you'd like to share, you can come here and put it in a page. Of course, you should spend a few seconds considering whether the information you have to share would fit better in an instruction manual (this wiki) or in a discussion (the forums) and then put it in the appropriate place.

If you're not certain, try posting it in the forums first.

What kind of information will I find here?

This wiki serves two main purposes. The first one is mentioned in the section you just read. The second purpose is to be a kind of a scratch pad for the developers of the game. So when we add something to the game, we'll document it here. The problem we're trying to solve is that previously when developers documented their work, they did so on the forums, and the words they wrote would get lost in a barrage of discussions of Lucifer's diet. Here it should be more clear and information won't be lost as much.

What doesn't belong here?

Discussion. Well, not exactly. Each page has a discussion page where you can talk about the page. You should use that page to talk about things like layout, what content belongs, and so forth. (Visit the Wikipedia for some good examples of how to use the talk page) If you want to discuss the content itself, you should probably take it to the forums, where the community hangs out.

Who can edit these pages?

Having only just now installed the software, I don't know the answer to that. It might be "Everyone" and it might be "Registered users only". Find out the answer and go post it on the forums where we'll beat it around and figure out who should be editing these pages, and then I'll make the setting match.

This site is great, where can I get one of my own?

This wiki is powered by MediaWiki software, the same program that runs the popular Wikipedia. There's probably a link somewhere on this page to download MediaWiki. It requires Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Probably Linux too.