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Armagetron Academy: Mission Statement


Serve the Armagetron Advanced community, specifically the fortress and sumo communities, by encouraging the growth of a player population that is receptive and supportive of new players. Implement servers and tournaments thats are community supported and also provide cash prizes.

To-Do List

Subject to change

  • Serve the larger Arma community
  • Recruit people to Arma
  • Encourage and support new players
  • Provide proper fort and sumo client settings (cockpit and camera settings)[I don’t make too many changes with cockpit. Maybe this is something more applicable to client version 4? I use the cockpit of someone else (have to look whos). I have my own camera.]
  • I also changed the font and font size because I play at high resolution.
  • There are enough settings out there, I guess. We need a tutorial for new players how to install them.
  • Provide video tutorials
  • Host servers
    • Pickup
    • Sumo
    • Flower Power Sumo
    • 4way fort
    • Fort
  • Host tournaments (possibly with cash prizes)
    • Single day tournaments.
    • Leaderboard tournaments. (Player(s) with top score(s) over a week or month get a prize or other form of recognition.
  • Encourage senior members to mentor newer players
    • Senior members will have a modified tag that indicates their willingness to help new players.
    • As part of initiation as a senior member, the person shall agree to uphold the community’s values.
  • Independance of clans (People don’t have to leave a clan or team to be a community member)
  • Have optional tags that people can wear
  • Host teams for tourneys

Signs of Success

  • 20 new players in the community
  • More pickup matches being played simultaneously
  • Some servers online
  • At least one monthly sumo tournament
  • Some donations that support servers and tournaments.

What a new player will experience. (In order)

  • Individuals will go to a simple and recognizable url ( /

  • The main page of the site will list these topics in order:
    • What is Armagetron Advanced? (This should be a youtube video)
    • Why should you play Arma?
      • Free
      • Action packed
      • Works on most computers
      • Community oriented
      • Tournaments
      • Prizes
    • How to get started playing. (This will be a series of videos)
      • Game physics
      • Client Settings for turning, glancing and camera
      • In depth turning key layout and strategy.
      • Advanced settings for console commands and autoexec.cfg files
      • Fort strategy (This could be one long video or another series)
      • Sumo strategy
    • How to support the community
      • Providing financial support to host servers and tourneys
      • Becoming a senior member
      • Be a mentor and role model for new players.