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This page will be updated with relative tutorials for various aspects of Armagetron as this project develops.

Cockpit Tutorial

Unless you are using a specific version of Armagetron (version 0.3 and above) you will not be able to edit your HUD (Cockpit configuration). Assuming you have the correct version installed, this is how you will update your cockpit:

  • Browse the available cockpits on the appropriate wiki page, or on the Armagetron Forums. (Note: There is a cockpit tutorial that is much more in-depth and includes information on how to create your own cockpit here)
  • Add the cockpit you've selected by copying the URL and inputting the following command into your Armagetron client's chat interface:
/console COCKPIT_FILE yourselectedcockpitfile.aacockpit.xml

or by using your console key (press the ~ key on your Armagetron Client) and inputting the following:

COCKPIT_FILE yourselectedcockpitfile.aacockpit.xml

You can set up a configuration file to automatically include certain files (such as cockpit files) by creating an Automatic Executable file in your Armagetron User Settings. There will be a tutorial on how to do so later in this section.