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The 1st Tronic Bowl of Fortress will be played on Sunday 7th June 2009!
  • Stage 1—Team-Captains visit the Challenge Board to sign up their teams.
  • Stage 2—Team-Captains register at #Armagetron at 7pm UTC, then teams play the best of 3 matches and best of 5 for the semifinals and finals.
  • Stage 3—Winners are celebrated, participants are congratulated, and game-analysis, results and feedback are welcomed!

Latest Results and Feedback

Twi|X|ted |X|ats won in the delayed final over arrow after a late comeback the arrow clan was finally ouster by the TR clan, which joined with the X clan for the bowl There were a lot of people playing in the bowl and were hoping that the outcome will be even greater next year :D --Mkay-1

Write a report on your games, exciting play, team-tactics... and also include any feedback on how to improve the tournament!

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I was glad to see that almost every team showed up with 6 players. That was an improvement over past events, I think. I was happy to see newer teams steadily improve over the spring to bring the most depth of skill to any tournament I've seen. Grats to Twixted Xats. --Concord 18:22, 8 June 2009 (PDT)

Previous Results and Feedback