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The CTF BRAWL 48 will be played on Sunday, December 13, 2015!


* .Brrrawlers has won the CTF BRAWL 13 on 11 February, 2012!
* ~'Untitledx has taken the second place

Recordings & Screenshots

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Teams & Players

  • ~'Ux (Windrider, Camaro (Wind@forums, BeasT@forums), Div, Boa, Giby)
  • ~'Uy (Sexy Beast, Number3 (sexy\ beast@forums, Number3@forums), Tru, Rorschach, Regedit, Marshmellow, Forbidden, Hadron, Portgas D. Ace, Ti, Gftis, Lawliet)
  • .BrrrawlerzZ (sinewav, weed (sinewav@forums, .W33D@forums), Tish, liz)
  • Rx (Inoob, Limitless (iNoob@insomniaclan.com, Limitless@forums), pdbq, Mad, obsession, sabo, prema)
  • Rogue Tronners (Shoebat, Poke' Master (Thilo@forums, PokeMaster@forums), Noodles, Force, Luffy, Red, Over, Matoso, Oddeuro, Tobe)


  First Round (17:00 GMT) Semi Finals Finals
   .Brrrawlers 2  
 Open Team 0  
  ID's VA2  .Brrrawlers 2  
  ID's VA4  Rogue Tronners 0  
ID's VA4  Rogue Tronners 2
   ~'Uy 0  
    ID's VA4  .Brrrawlers 2
  ID's VA3  ~'Ux 0
  ID's VA3  Rx 0
  ID's VA1  ~'Ux 2