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The CTF BRAWL 48 will be played on Sunday, December 13, 2015!


* Redemption has won the CTF BRAWL 35 on 8 December, 2013!
* Lynx has taken the second place

Recordings & Screenshots

Teams & Players

  • Eternal Abyss (Agility (Agility@forums), Surge, Bowzer, Qwerty, Taco)
  • Redemption (Gazelle, Soul (Gazelle@forums, Soul@forums), vov, wolf, ampz, kronkle, illusion, kult, Orion)
  • _~Rogue Tronners~_ (Overrated (Overrated@forums), Tobe, Red, Force, DGM, Titanoboa, Fipp, Magi, Nanu)
  • Phoenix Brawlnubs (bilbo, Rage (bilbo\_baggins@forums, Elysium@forums), theo, sain, aleph, modis, nobrain, bignose, firestorm, materia)
  • Lynx (banana (BeasT@forums), potatoe, appol, owange)


  First Round (17:00 GMT) Semi Finals Finals
  Rx Texas  Redemption 2  
  fman's EU  _~Rogue Tronners~_ 1  
Rx Texas  Phoenix Brawlnubs ?
   _~Rogue Tronners~_ 2  
    Rx Texas  Redemption 2
  Peat's  Lynx ?
  Peat's  Lynx 2
  fman's US  Eternal Abyss ?  
   Eternal Abyss