CTF w/ Fortress Physics Tournament 1

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Capture the Flag (CTF) and Fortress have always been 2 completely independent, yet fun-filled game types. The concept of CTF has always intrigued me (Durka), but the physics used in CTF servers aren't appealing to Fortress players. So, one random day a few months ago, I decided to combine CTF and Fortress. The object of the game is similar to CTF, but the way in which the players' bikes move resembles Fortress physics. And thus, CTF w/ Fortress Physics (aka CTF w/ FortFzx) was born!

The Game Type

The Map

The map itself is far different from the generic square and rectangular grids used in Fortress and CTF respectively.
Below is what the CTF w/ FortFzx map looks like:

This is the default map used in the game type CTF w/ FortFzx

The Settings


  • A player gets respawned when either a teammate or an enemy passes through his base zone
  • A player can grind any wall for a little acceleration (cycle_accel_rim 0.75)
  • Normal Fortress Physics except...
    • walls_length (400 --> 275) decreased due to smaller grid than normal Fortress
  • A player can score the flag even if his flag is not home
  • If a player hasn't scored his flag after 90 seconds, it gets reset
  • A team can have a maximum of 4 players, however...
    • during non-tournament play, the limit is 5v5
  • After 3 and a half minutes, a death zone wipes the grid to reset everyone's FPS


  • 0 points for a death
  • 0 points for a suicide
  • 1 point for a core dump
  • 4 points for a flag capture
  • 8 points for a round win
  • Unlimited rounds
  • First team to 100 points wins the match

For Server Admins

RINCLUDE fortfzx1b.cfg(http://durka.ath.cx/resource/Durka/fortfzx/fortfzx1b.cfg)
SERVER_NAME 0xffff7fFortFzx 1 0x7fffff(0x7fff7fPlayer 1's Server0x7fffff)

Tournament #1


  • Who? - 11 teams of 4 players each + subs
  • What? - The first CTF w/ FortFzx tournament
  • Where? - 2 American and 2 European servers
  • When? - Sunday, July 26, 2009 @ 18:00 GMT
  • Why? - To introduce a new game type to the tournament circuit

Time Table

Opening Round 18:00 2:00pm 11:00am
Quarter Finals 18:45 2:45pm 11:45am
Semi Finals 19:30 3:30pm 12:30pm
Finals 20:15 4:15pm 1:15pm

(time conversion here)



{{FortFzx Team|Your Team Name|Team Captain's Name|Team Captain's Global ID|Teammate 1, Teammate 2, ..|Wiki Page Name}}


{{FortFzx Team External|Your Team Name|Team Captain's Name|Team Captain's Global ID|Teammate 1, Teammate 2, ..|http://teamwebsite.com}}

Team List

  • BrokenSilence (Hype (hype@forums), Hype, ChrisGW, Fox, Monopoly)
  • Crazy Tronners 1 (owned (owned@forums), Emmy, Orly, Beer, Puuquie)
  • Crazy Tronners 2 (emphasis (emphasis@ct), Pike, Weed, Tadd)
  • Dark Syndicate (zion (zion@forums), Ashitaka, redice)
  • Plus (1200 (1200@forums), teen, preSsure, hoop, 303.freQ, Subliminal.freQ, freQ Nasty, PuppeT.freQ)
  • PLZ RES US! (Word (Word@forums), Ai, Hell-lo, Joker)
  • Revolutionaries (sine.wav (sinewav@forums), dubs.wav, epsy, free kill, PinkTomato)
  • SpeederS (PsYkO (~*PsYkO*~@forums), Oblivion, Magik, insanity)
  • SurferDoods (SurferDood186 (Jimpan@forums), SurferDood181, SurferDood183, SurferDood185, SurferDood187)
  • Team Unknown. uNk (Pr3 (Pr33min3nt@forums), Thump, Ky(WildCat), Fingerbib)
  • Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats (Liza (Liza@forums), CuRbSidE, Dimbiman, DreadLord, Durka, FoFo, Goodygumdrops, Hoax, JJBean, PlayerNuby, RoterBaron, SageLord, stax, $ubzero, xs20)

Server List

* '''FortFzx 1 (Server Name)''' ([http://LinkToServerAdmin'sContactPage.com ServerAdmin'sName]) <code>Address:Port</code> ''Location''
  • FortFZX 1 (Crazy Tronners Server 1) (CT Server Tech) Germany (EU)
  • FortFZX 1 (Crazy Tronners Server 2) (CT Server Tech) crazy-tronners.com:4536 Germany (EU)
  • FortFzx 1 (PRU's Server) (AI-team) trongame.de:4535 Düsseldorf, Germany (EU)
  • FortFzx 1 (Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats) [NY] (Durka) nyds.ath.cx:4540 Atlanta, GA (US)
  • FortFzx 1 (Wild West) (Compguygene) tx.theserverpharm.net:4551 Texas (US)


  • All rounds are best of 3 matches (first to win 2 matches advances to the next round), except the finals are best of 5 matches.
  Opening Round (18:00 GMT) Quarter Finals (18:45 GMT) Semi Finals (19:30 GMT) Finals (20:15 GMT)
 Plus x  
 ~ bye ~ x  
  TX [NY]
   PLZ RES US!  
 Crazy Tronners 2 1  
  CT 1
 Plus 0  
   Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats 2  
 Revolutionaries x  
 ~ bye ~ x  
  CT 2
   Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats  
 Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats x
 ~ bye ~ x  
  TX [NY]
 Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats 2
   Crazy Tronners 1 3
 SurferDoods x  
 ~ bye ~ x  
  CT 1
 SurferDoods 1
   Crazy Tronners 1 2  
CT 1  BrokenSilence 0
 Crazy Tronners 1 2  
  TX [NY]
CT 2
 Crazy Tronners 1 2
   Team Unknown 0  
WW  Team Unknown 2  
 Dark Syndicate 0  
 Team Unknown 2
   SpeederS 0  
 SpeederS x
 ~ bye ~ x