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{{ctfTeam|LoT|Eagles|nbafan36@forums|Patriot,Fathers of All,R.E.D, Oreo,Tick,Buttkicker,yeah!,tobleranoe, tba|http://lotclan.forumtl.com}}
{{ctfTeam|LoT|Eagles|nbafan36@forums|Patriot,Fathers of All,R.E.D, Oreo,Tick,Buttkicker,yeah!,tobleranoe, tba|http://lotclan.forumtl.com}}
{{ctfTeam|LRU|ScoreS|Scores@forums|2011, XL, Falcon|http://lur-scores.weebly.com}}
{{ctfTeam|LRU|ScoreS|Scores@forums|2011, XL, Falcon|http://lur-scores.weebly.com}}
{{ctfTeam|Sick n' Tired|Pre|Pre@forums|Force, Zinger, Drago|http://armagetronad.net}}
==Challenge Board==
==Challenge Board==

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The CTF Tournament 1 will be played on Sunday, February 13th, 2011!


  • Matches are 4v4
  • Scoring System: 1pt Core dump, 4pt Flag Score, 8pt Round Win
  • Mass Suicide Illegal
  • Single Elimination: All games are best of 3 matches (the first team to win 2 matches advances to the next round).
  • Report to assigned server according brackets (1pm EST for first round)

Signing Up

Sign ups are closed on 6th of Febrary
Please post your team name and the players who will play for your team below according the next pattern:

{{ctfTeam|Your Team Name|Team Captain's Name|Team Captain's Global ID|Teammate 1, Teammate 2, ...|http://teamwebsite.com}}

For more information, see Template:ctfTeam.


  • DpG (flea (flea@forums), tba)
  • ~'Untitled Clan. (Windrider (Wind@forums), Camaro, Rorscach, Adobe, Cobra, Sexybeast, Giby, Portgas D. Ace, Tru, Gftis, Regedit, Ti, Tish, Marshmellow, div)
  • .dBd (Four Years.VI (ozone@forums), Belle, Agony, Agent007, dkiller)
  • ¦×¦ats and Friends (Deso, Sine.wav (Desolate@forums sinewav@forums), Durka, Rudy, raph, Hoax, Legit)
  • The best fucking team ever (LucK (LucK@forums), Acid, Cody, Airman)
  • PRU (Word (Word@forums), Eggman, Ai, VonDutch, TBA)
  • OD! (Arduino (arduino@forums), Blitz, Cube)
  • Rx (Slyfoxx (foxx@forums), iNoob, Skittle, Slyfoxx, and Quey )
  • uNa Alpha (Nelhybel (Nelhybel@forums), TBA)
  • _~R~_ (shoebat (Thilo@forums), Poke' Master, Monkey.D.Luffy, Noodles, Matoso, Titanoboa)
  • Wild West (Levi (Leviathan@forums), tba)
  • KGS (KGS CGoban 3 (KGS\ CGoban\ 3@forums), axisn't, redruMssiM)
  • ID (Killer (Kill3r@forums), Ousous, Ava, Csclera, Arilou, Boxed)
  • HÅ 1 (Johnny (johnny.nbk.@forums), Ghostly, Master, Mr.Black )
  • HÅ 2 (Rufus (Rufus@forums), Franz, Jay, Cookie )
  • The `'¢.ollective (eNVY (prettylights@forums), tba)
  • LoT (Eagles (nbafan36@forums), Patriot,Fathers of All,R.E.D, Oreo,Tick,Buttkicker,yeah!,tobleranoe, tba)
  • LRU (ScoreS (Scores@forums), 2011, XL, Falcon)
  • Sick n' Tired (Pre (Pre@forums), Force, Zinger, Drago)

Challenge Board


  • All finals are played in the server listed in bold. Teams may agree to move to the backup server if there is a regional preference or problem with the primary server.

To edit the brackets change Template:CtfTourneyBrackets1

  First round (18:00 GMT) Second round Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Tru's  Rx 0  
   _~R~_ 2  
Tru's  _~R~_ 2
 LoT 0  
  CT USA  _~R~_ 2  
   Nsfw 0  
 HÅ 1  
  CT USA  HÅ 1 x
   Nsfw x  
  CT USA  _~R~_ 2  
   `'¢.The Collective 0  
  CT LIV  ID x
   `'¢.The Collective x  
 `'¢.The Collective
  CT LIV  `'¢.The Collective 2
   HÅ 2 0  
  Animuson's  LRU x
   HÅ 2 x  
 HÅ 2
CT USA  _~R~_ 2
 ¦×¦ats and Friends 0
  PlzResUs!  .dBd 0  
   ¦×¦ats and Friends 2  
PlzResUs!  ¦×¦ats and Friends 2
 OD! x  
  AoT  ¦×¦ats and Friends 2  
   ~'Untitled Clan 0  
  AoT  PRU 0
   ~'Untitled Clan. 2  
 ~'Untitled Clan.
  AoT  ¦×¦ats and Friends 2
   Sick n' Tired 0  
 The best fucking team ever  
  Pre's  The best fucking team ever 2
   UNA 0  
Pre's  DpG x
 uNa Alpha x  
  Wild West's  TBFTE 1
   Sick n' Tired 2  
 Sick n' Tired  
  Wild West's  Sick n' Tired 2
   Wild West 0  
 Wild West


First Round 11:00 14:00 18:00 19:00
Quarter Finals ~11:40 ~14:40 ~18:40 ~19:40
Semi Finals ~12:20 ~15:20 ~19:20 ~20:20
Finals ~13:00 ~16:00 ~20:00 ~21:00

(time conversion here)


Server Configuration

File with user levels will be renamed to ctftournament1_authorities_fix.cfg because some hosted servers already use old version of file with not full list of user levels. After closing sign ups (6th of Febrary), server admins must rinclude ctftournament1_authorities_fix.cfg(http://ix.lv-vl.net/ctftournament1_authorities_fix.cfg) for their server. This action is only for this tournament, if everything is ok, for future tournaments server admins must rinclude only once to update their server a week before tournament starts.

RINCLUDE ctftournament1.cfg(http://ix.lv-vl.net/ctftournament1.cfg)
RINCLUDE ctftournament1_authorities.cfg(http://ix.lv-vl.net/ctftournament1_authorities.cfg)
SERVER_NAME 0x585ecdCTF Tournament 1 0xcd6958(0xcdbb58Player 1's Server0xcd6958)

Server List

{{ctfServer|Your server name|ip|port|Location|[http://serverwebsite.com http://serverwebsite.com]}}


  • CTF BRAWL 48 (Tru's) (Tru) ld.lv-vl.net:4542 London, England (EU)
  • CTF BRAWL 48 (Crazy Tronner's LIV) (CT Server Tech) liv.crazy-tronners.com:4541 Germany (EU)
  • CTF BRAWL 48 (PlzResUs!) (AI) trongame.de:4538 Germany (EU)

US & Others

  • CTF BRAWL 48 (Crazy Tronner's USA) (CT Server Tech) usa.crazy-tronners.com:4535 Chicago, Illinois (US)
  • CTF BRAWL 48 (Animuson's) (animuson) Dallas, TX (US)
  • CTF BRAWL 48 (Wild West's) (Destiny) Texas (US)
  • CTF BRAWL 48 (AoT) (sinewav) North East US


Post all recordings/screenshots that you have of the CTF Tournament here, along with the names of the two teams in the match:

  • http:// - TeamA vs TeamB