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“Practice makes perfect” is an old saying you need to heed before playing. You need to play before you can get better, and the more you play the better you'll get. Try to play against people at your own skill level, where you aren't losing or winning constantly, for the best gameplay experience.

Don't think that reading the following info alone will help you improve in game. Use this as a guideline along with practice and soon you'll be getting better and can take on more advanced players.

Know the server

Base strategies upon which server you're in.


In a low rubber server you'll want to be careful about where you grind, pick your spots, and try to play in the open if possible.
In a high rubber server look for players who arn't getting close to walls to outgrind them (this can lead to some fun Grid_Games#Tunneling. Also try to play on medium or low rubber server (or local game) before coming here so you'll have a slight advantage. By trying not to use rubber you can also pick spots of when to drain all your rubber in a single grind and take out a player or 2.


This wont leave you much room for mistakes, you'll be going slow so you'll have to pick where you'll attack someone. Try to anticipation your opponents moves to gain the upper hand.
This is where the split second decisions make or break you. Don't let slow players trick you into a sense of control be wary and you'll easily defeat them however. If your on the other side (driving slow) playing possum isn't often a bad idea. Use both techniques to your advantage

Trail Length

This won't leave much room for error if you leave someone in too big a box they'll stall for a long time try to follow in after an opponent as far as you can if they try to hide and don't let anyone camp if possible. Again you'll have to pick when you will relentlessly attack and when you leave them inside a box
Alright making a box for guys here is pointless, they'll just stall and escape. Make any boxes you do make here as small as possible. Limited trail length often pits you against more relentlessly attacking rivals. Feel free to stall if you have to as it is generally accepted, but don't sit around doing nothing for to long or you'll just be camping again pick your spots here

Learn how the individual player reacts

  1. Retreats—Look for openings and try to take this guy out first. If he's hugging walls you can either outgrind him or go around to the other side and force him to either get off the wall, outgrind you or take a corner . If they ar just generaly running try to build up enough speed to overcome the player. Most runners will not have an offense plan and can be overtaken easily you'll have to change strategies depending on other situations as well, use your best and varied strategies for each situation as it arises.
  2. Attacks—Judge where this guys going to make his move and assault you. If he's using speed you can make some quick turns to throw him off often killing him, or giving you room to stall or a chance to escape and turn the tables.

How you should attack and respond

  1. Defense—Most of this is just stalling, if you get trapped try mazing. If you have an exit coming about quickly(limited trail length)zig zag. If you're waiting for someones wall to come down (or retreat) that's a good reason to stall, try not to camp if at all possible.
  2. Offense—After you play for a while you'll figure out what to do here. Remember to vary how you attack players based on their own styles of play and don't forget to have at least some fun.

General Tactics and Terminology

A box is a sealed—off area that you can't easily escape it. You can either box your self to camp or to trap another player.
psyche outs 
to do
grind one wall and then grind the next outer wall perpendicular to it he'll have to beat both grinds to survive
different methods 180'ing and other various methods(to do)
See also: Camping, Mazing
not sure if you can describe these
If you're already close to a wall you can turn against it for a short time and immediately turn in the other direction so you're still driving parallel to it, but closer to it. The advantage is that you get more acceleration from being closer to the wall, disadvantages are that it usually involves braking and some risk on low–rubber servers which makes you slower.
180'ing(sealing/grinding reversal etc any other names where appropriate) 
pros and cons
See: Building_Your_Skillset#Grinding
See: Rubber

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