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The Challenge Board is designed to make the pairing off of team easier. Team Captains should take careful note of how to best use this system.
work in progress...
Please note, it is for Team Captains only to issue challenges by locating their [[LADLE team-lists|teams]] appropriately on the board. If they can not do this here, they will have to do it on the day in less than 5 mins, so... be cool and be brave...
Your placement of the team determines who you are playing in the first round and subsequent rounds if you win. If, for example, with only two teams listed, then one team must be listed in team 1-8 and the other in team 9-16. As more teams join, the placement will determine who you will play in subsequent rounds and on which servers. Check this listing ocassionally, alter your team-place if you wish, until it settles and we are ready to play on Sun 3rd September.
Please do not replace another team-name with yours. Only fill vacant spaces. In this way, Team Captains have a way of jockeying for position.
We seem to have five teams, so...
* Team 1 is... [[anarchic wanderers]] team A
* Team 2 is...
* Team 3 is... [[Wraith Squadron]]
* Team 4 is... [[anarchic wanderers]] team B
* Team 5 is... [http://teamlotsoflove.com LOL]
* Team 6 is... [[We Pwn Noobs|WPN]]
* Team 7 is... SL
* Team 8 is... [http://www.crazy-tronners.com CT]
==Possible Brackets?==
[[Ladle Brackets]]
== Provisional Play-offs ==
Do not insert names of teams here. This is merely the structure and timing of the games. The actual teams which will be playing against one another will be based on the Challenge Board above and the Team Captains which register their teams at before the first game on Sun 3rd September.
Note, the server allocation may change, especially as we move through into the quarters and semi finals depending on Team Captain discussion on the day. Check out [[LADLE fortress-servers]] available.
Note also, we might by-pass the first round if we have 8 teams or less... which is what the state of play is currently...
=== Quarter Finals 7.30pm GMT ===
* Team 1 challenges Team 2 on LOD Fortress Server or Z-man's Tournament Fortress
* Team 3 challenges Team 4 on AST or US Fortress Server
* Team 5 challenges Team 6 on Bugfarm LOD Server or Wildwest -- Fortress (ladle)
* Team 7 challenges Team 8 on AST or Dark Syndicates Fortress
=== Semi Finals 8.15pm GMT ===
* Team 1/2 challenges Team 3/4 on LOD Fortress Server
* Team 5/6 challenges Team 7/8 on AST or US Fortress Server
=== Finals 9pm GMT ===
* Team 1/2/3/4 challenges Team 5/6/7/8 on LOD or US Fortress

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