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Team Captains all meet at the same location, a chat-room, and challenge one another in the next round. Provisionally, I can set up my computer to host a game and we can use the chat facilities there: look for 2020's T-room. This will only be available at the right times since I hope to be playing: 9pm, 9.45, 10.30, 11.15.

Team Captains have to decide on two things within 5 mins: who to play next and where.

Team Captains should make sure they choose an apropriate server to the PING their players get, perhaps compiling a favourite list from their players before the matches. Check out the available servers at LADLE fortress-servers.
It is the Team Captains collective responsibility to find a suitable opponent. Since we are running with a very short time schedule, captains must be very strict with themselves and sort games out quickly. It would be nice to have some software to help with this process, something to do with a captain's team loses by default if they do not accept a challenge at the end of 5 mins... but we are running short on time and we may just have to trust team captains to sort it out.

Team shortcuts and their full names
Shortcut Team Name/Link
AW Anarchic wanderers
SP ~*SpeederS*~
FE Fortress Elite
WS Wraith Squadron
CT Crazy Tronners

The following team list is from LADLE team-lists, and all captains must put there names here so that we can discuss and prepare for the night.

  • anarchic wanderers - garissimo
  • speeders -
  • Lords Of Destruction - AÐ¥-Lµ¢îfer
  • Shadow League [fe] - sKy
  • wraith squadron - Manta
  • CrazyTronners - Xevi
  • ¡LØL! - Durka

Team captains can use the discussion page here to discuss matters, and they may be asked to collect at 2020's T-room before the competition begins, perhaps an hour earlier. They will then have an hour before the first matches to organise their teams, make sure they have a sure-fire communications set up for them, so that they can enter a server exactly on time and play a match.

THE LADLE is only going to work with the skillful and patient contributions of all Team Captains. Teams -- choose well!