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Cutting is the most straightforward way of attacking the enemy zone, and is essentially driving your bike through the gap between the end of the tail and the bike of the defender.

The trick behind a good cut, where one cuts the defense through a very small gap, is not to aim for the gap itself, but the end of the tail. When you hit the end of the tail of another cycle you start using up rubber, and if you time it just right the tail has gone out of the way before your rubber is up, and the road is clear for you to enter the zone. The effectiveness of a cut depends largely on the speed of the attacker when entering the zone, when the attacker has alot of speed there is big chance that the defender is killed by the suprise alone. If the defender does not die instantly the attacker has little trouble putting the defender in a small box (and most probably killing him) while taking the lions share of the zone. When taking a smaller portion of the zone, the attacker usually calls for his teammates to win by Crowding.

Forcing a Gap

Because cutting has become so widespread alot of people have started to use an Overlapping Defense, where cutting is impossible. Before one has set up a proper Overlapping Defense though, the attacker has two ways to force a gap. The first one is when the defender is expanding his zone and driving at the outside of his tail. When an attacker approaches in this short timespan the defender will do a 180 degrees turn against his own wall to keep the attacker out, he must then turn around again to follow his tail. The second turn is very hard to time right because the defender doesnt want to risk doing it too early and still being on the outside, so there is a big chance there will be a gap for a very limited time. This is when the attacker cuts it.

The second way involves the dent in the defense because of his teammates tails. {TO DO}