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{{DfTeam|~'Untitled.|Marshmellow|Marshmellow@forums|sexy beast, Windrider, Axis, regedit, ihptru, Number3, ...|http://uclan.darkbb.com}}
{{DfTeam|~'Untitled.|Marshmellow|Marshmellow@forums|sexy beast, Windrider, Axis, regedit, ihptru, Number3, ...|http://uclan.darkbb.com}}
{{DfTeam|naF|Arcade|Arcade@lightron.no-ip.org|Fujitsu, Noxi|http://google.com}}
{{DfTeam|naF|Arcade|Arcade@lightron.no-ip.org|Fujitsu, Noxi|http://google.com}}
{{DfTeam|under_eS!timated|Proxy|proxy@forums|Brice, Starry|http://underestimated.freeforums.org}}

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Dogfight Throwdown!


Sign-ups are open!

Past Throwdowns

Click Here For Past Throwdown Results

About this Tournament

Dogfight Throwdown is a single elimination event played in Loose Dogfight servers. DFT will take place every last Saturday of each month. Each match will end with the first team who reaches 15 points. The winning team will then move up the brackets. Each team will consist of 3 players at max.


  • It will be loose, and loose only. Any tight play will not be tolerated. If you fail to comply with referee's orders you will be banned from participating any further in that month's throwdown. (You may sign up next month)
  • Each player may only be a part of one team.
  • Each team IS allowed to sub out as many players as they'd like as long as the sub's have not participated in any other team in the current Throwdown.
  • Teams may commute DFT servers if there is an unoccupied one.(In case you get a sucky server)
  • Teams may agree to start their matches earlier if they are both ready, or later if one of the teams is still in another match.

Signing Up

Authentication is required to participate in the Throwdown. Team leaders must list their Global ID here on the challenge board when signing up. As a precaution, please have a minimum of two (2) players assuming the role of team leader so your team has the greatest chance to participate without login problems. Team leaders should be familiar with using commands to /op players, /lock their team, /invite members, and start_new_match. You can add as many substitutes as you need, but they are bound to your team once the tournament starts. Players can only be listed once on the Challenge Board and may only play for one team during the tournament.

Sign-ups are closed 3 days before the tournament date. Servers will then be placed on the bracket randomly. Following this, the listed teams will be randomized and loaded into the bracket. If your team fails to make the cut-off, please contact a tournament organizer for help.

If you do not have a team, there are Open Team (or teams) for you! Add your name to one of them freely if you are sure you can play. If this team does not have a team captain yet, you should be the one. You are free to start one if there are no listed Open Teams or if all of them are full.

Please post your team name and players in the Teams section below using the following template:

{{DfTeam|Team Name|Captain's Name|Captain's Global ID|Teammate 1, Teammate 2, ...|http://teamwebsite.com}}



  • iNoob (JonathanSanchez@forums)
  • Vibe (Vibe@insomniaclan.com@forums)


The following people are found in loose dogfight servers regularly. They know loose dogfight well enough to referee matches. Super leaders are one access_level higher then Team Leaders and gain additional powers (/suspend, /silence). They are responsible for making sure a match is played by the rules.(If you get caught discriminating against a certain team or abusing your power you will be removed from the list forever) If you're interested in being an Admin/Referee please contact iNoob or Vibe at Insomnia forum (Or on the grid)

Team Leaders

Team leaders gain access of /lock, /invite, /uninvite. To gain Team Leader access in DFT servers simply sign your team up!



First Round 10:00 13:00 18:00 19:00
Second Round 10:30 13:30 18:30 19:30
Quarter Finals 11:00 14:00 19:00 20:00
Semi Finals 11:30 14:30 19:30 20:30
Finals 12:00 15:00 20:00 21:00

(time conversion here)

Server Configuration

RINCLUDE DFT-1.cfg(http://lightron.no-ip.org/armagetronad/DFT/DFT-1.cfg)
SERVER_NAME 0x939210Dogfight Throwdown 0xc6c540(0xeeee99Server Name0xc6c540)

Server List

{{DfServer|Your server name|ip|port|Location|[http://serverwebsite.com http://serverwebsite.com]}}