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This wiki page has an associated Blueprint on launchpad.

One of the main goals in eEvent is to have the user have full control on customization. An user should be able to have a red message popping up all over his HUD whenever someone turns as well as he should be able to be told when he is the last alive player on his team.

A server should be able to suggest events handlers. A client can fully(and only fully) ignore them and use it's own settings. See [eEvent] for details.


  • Basic scripting
    • Logical structures
      • if, else if, else
      • need more?
    • Comparisons: ==, !=, <, >, <=, >=
    • Data access(how??)
  • Server and client event handler support
  • New event creation support
  • Macro support(needed?)

Imaginary example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="no"?>