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Welcome to Ezra's Loose Dogfight Tournament 2. Unlike the previous tournament this one will be 2v2, so each player must have a partner. Scheduled date is Sunday, March 27 at 7PM EST.


You need a working @forums/Global ID

Its best of 3, 10 rounds. max points is 15.

If you are more than five minutes late you will be disqualified.

Admins/Mods will be chosen, please do not abuse these privileges.

No aliases please.

The official rules of Loose Dogfight will be in effect. They are as follows:

1. No closing is permitted. (That means any wall as well as the rim.)

2. No backdooring is permitted. (If you begin a fight you may not retreat unless sealed.)

3. There will be no bickering or arguing. Referees will be present, but unfortunately are not able to see everything. In the event that this happens if the two players can not come to an agreement both will be removed from the tournament.

4. No camping is permitted. Dogfight is about finishing the fight, so lets not maze or dick around unless you have defeated your opponent. ;)

5. Please play fair. This tournament is designed for competition but that doesn't mean we can't have fun.

Sign Ups

  • Immortals (Ezra (Ritsuka@forums), Tsugaru)
  • Dynastics (ARilou (arilou@forums), Alpha)
  • DiggReRs (Slick (Slickster@forums), Zinger)
  • Open Team (Fate (.Wit@forums), Based/777k)
  • lykbutter (synergee ($YN3R6Y@forums), starry)
  • Redemption (Soul (Soul@forums), AC/DC)
  • Rx (mÅd (mAdMoNkEy@forums), inoob)
  • TEENz (teen (teen@forums), tba)


Admins can help with the tournament play, updating the wiki, and reffing the matches. You may still be an admin and play in the tourney.

  1. Ezra Ritsuka@forums
  2. _~R~_Slick Slickster@forums


  • Ezra's 2v2 Loose Dogfight Tournament (-=}ID<) (Ezra) Texas, US
  • Ezra's 2v2 Loose Dogfight Tournament (Rx) Washington, US

Server Configs

RINCLUDE dfez.cfg(http://1v1sb.99k.org/resource/dfez.cfg)
SERVER_NAME 0xff1000Ezra's 2v2 0x841437Loose 0xff1000DF Tournament(namehere)


Opening Round Time



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  Opening Round 3PM EST Semi-Finals Finals