Ezra's 1 v 1 Loose Dogfight Tournament

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Welcome to Ezra's 1 v 1 Loose Dogfight Tourney.

Tournament date is Saturday March 12th at 6PM EST.

This tournament is made to rank the current players of DF.


You need a working @forums/Global ID

Its best of 3, 10 rounds. max points is 15.

If you are more than five minutes late you will be disqualified.

Admins/Mods will be chosen, please do not abuse these privileges.

No aliases please.

Sign Ups

# '''Name here''' <code>Global ID here</code>
  1. Ezra Ritsuka@forums
  2. Zinger ZiNgEr@forums
  3. _~R~_Slick Slickster@forums
  4. Soul Soul@forums
  5. Tsugaru Tsugaru@forums
  6. koSommak koSommak@forums
  7. BobCart BobCart@forums
  8. mac&cheese maccheese@forums
  9. Rx.dukevin dukevin@forums
  10. `|DiviN3~ DiviN3@forums


Admins can help with the tournament play, updating the wiki, and reffing the matches. You may still be an admin and play in the tourney.

  1. Ezra Ritsuka@forums
  2. Soul Soul@forums


Too add a server just copy and paste this code. We need about 3 servers. :> lets get them :D

* '''Ezra's 1v1 Loose Dogfight Tournament(Server Name)''' ([[ServerAdmin|ServerAdmin]]) <code>Address:Port</code> ''Location''
  • Ezra's 1v1 Loose Dogfight Tournament (-=}ID<) (Ezra) Wyoming, US

Server Configs

These will be updated shortly.