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'''Durka (DDMJ@forums)'''
'''Durka (DDMJ@forums)'''
'''[http:/// 7th]'''  
'''[http://unlimited-clan.org/ Deja Vu]'''  
''' ()'''
'''teen (teen@forums)'''
'''[http:/// 8th]'''  
'''[http:/// 8th]'''  

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Flex's Fortress Cup
Sunday, September the 18th, 2011


This is a five versus five Fortress cup tournament. Just like a regular Fortress knock-out tournament/cup, it will take place in one evening. Each team will be matched up randomly against another team. The winning team will move onto the next round, the losers will be knocked-out of the tournament. Eventually only two teams will have surpassed them all to reach the finals. All servers will be randomized before being placed on the brackets.

This tourney will be using a strict sportsmanship policy, outlined below. All teams are recommended to have a website with a public viewable page of their full clan/team roster and a freenode IRC channel, it does not need to be registered, but that's your own responsibility. All teams are recommended to provide a server so we can fully utilise the best available servers.

General Information

  • By signing up, you and all your team mates agree to the rules, settings and sportsmanship policy set out here on the wiki and or any official post made,
  • Signs are open and team or player adjustments are allowed until exactly 23:59, (GMT) Sunday, September the 11th, 2011,
  • The tournament will be held on Sunday, September the 18th, 2011 (check the bracket for the times).

Sign up

Crazy Tronners ,MB53(matchbox53@forums)

Dark Syndicate ()

Rogue Tronners ()

Speeders FoFo (FoFo@forums), Flex (Flex@forums),

Team Unknown Pr3 (Pr3@forums)

Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats Durka (DDMJ@forums)

Deja Vu teen (teen@forums)

8th ()


  First round Semi-finals Finals
  1   0  
8   0  
4   0
  5   0  
  3   0  
6   0  
2   0
  7   0  

(24 Hours) PDT (GMT-7) EDT (GMT-4) GMT BST (GMT+1) CEST (GMT+2)
Opening Round 11:00 14:00   18:00   19:00 20:00
Semi Finals 12:30 15:30   19:30   20:30 21:30
Finals 14:20 17:20   21:20   22:20 23:20

(time conversion here)

Additional Information


  • Maximum of 14 players may be signed up on the team roster, per team,
  • Players can not be signed up under multiple teams. If identified, both entries will be removed. You may only play for one team each cup,
  • All players must be signed up with their Global ID and matching in-game alias (they must also be the same on the wiki),
  • A maximum of 5 minutes waiting time before both teams must begin,
  • A maximum of 10 minutes waiting time before the next round must begin (as in from opening round to semi finals, to finals) NOT rounds during matches,
  • The finals for 2011 will be held on a European server,
  • This is a one night event so there can be NO rescheduling,
  • Teams can switch around their substitutes whenever they feel like it. As long as there's a maximum of 5 players on the grid at one time.


  • Five players per team,
  • First team to reach 100 points or highest score after 14 rounds wins,
  • All rounds matches until the finals are first to two, the finals are first to three matches,
  • Minus 1 points for suicide & team kill,
  • Plus 1 points for an opponent kill,
  • Plus 5 points a for zone capture,
  • Plus 5 points for a round win,
  • Hole size exactly 1.0,
  • The FFCup 2011 map,
  • Practically default Fortress settings, apart from the changes said here,
  • No time limits.

Sportsmanship Policy

This policy is designed to keep honour and decency to the cup and ensure that all players have fun and enjoy themselves without being pestered or harassed by other players. This is strictly designed to ensure that the peace is kept. We promote the highest level of gameplay and sportsmanship. It is therefore our wish that players solve conflicts in the spirit of fair play. All staff, including server admins, team leaders are expected to be role models demonstrating sportsmanship at all times.

Un-Sportsmanlike conduct during, prior or after matches will not be tolerated. We suggest that all teams conduct themselves accordingly. If a player or team is found guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct, punishment will be issued.

The following behaviour is unacceptable during the contest (from start to finish) and specially during a match:

  • Berating opposing players or anyone involved in the tourney,
  • Insulting, name calling, laughing at or any other gesture or obscene actions during a match against opposing players or anyone involved in the tourney, will NOT be tolerated,
  • Any foul language during play or in player aliases/global ID's.

Violations can lead to; full disqualification. A temporary or permanent ban from all future Flex's Fortress Cups.



  • Speeders/EU/1 (Flex) server1.speedersclan.org:4536 Location (EU)

US & Others

  • Example US (Admin(s)) server:port Location (US)

Server Configuration

SERVER_NAME 0x7dfd7dFlex's Fortress Cup 2011 0xffffff(Server Name)
RINCLUDE ffcup2011.cfg(http://khemist.net/resource/flex/fortress/ffcup/ffcup2011.cfg)

For public or practice servers:

RINCLUDE ffcup.cfg(http://khemist.net/resource/flex/fortress/ffcup/ffcup.cfg)