First Tronic Ladle

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This is a record of who played who, when and where; players, teams and captains; the sweat, the tears, the grind, the cuts...

Shadow League beat Wraith Squadron in straight matches (2-0) in the final.

They beat Anarchic Wanderers in a nail-biting climax after going down in the first match (2-1) in the semi-finals.

  • It was a close game. A very close game. Garrisimo was playing like a man on fire, but this still didn't prevent Shadow League from taking our zone once too often. They came back from first match loss, and in the third match, they came from behind to reach a nail-biting 98-98... well done! I played like a noob, and the rest of my team carried me. Next time... Shadow League... next time.... 2020 2nd July 2006
  • In the first match, zop (who was playing for AW) was doing his usual speed-grinding thing towards or right side and by sheer bad luck, in the confusion of everyone shuffling around, our second (Ossi) and third defender (meriton) were both starting on the left side, whereas our goalie (Sasha) started on the right (IIRC), but due to sealing the center lane ended up on the left as well. To make matters worse, the other players on the right side did not realize they had no defender on their side or simply could not handle zop's speed grind: They grinded until the last moment, only to be surrounded by the speed-grinding zop, who then directly proceeded to insert himself (and a few friends of his ;) in our zone. Until we finally realised what went wrong, the match was nearly over, with us very much behind. I then shuffled over to the right and - by virtue of splitting real early - managed to delay zop until sasha had had a chance to setup. From then on, the teams were very evenly matched, but with the lead AW had gained, the first match went to them. The second match saw some very close fighting among great players, I don't recall much except - for the first time I can recall - feeling dwarfed by the great skill surrounding me. Both teams fought well, and as the last round arrived, it became clear that whoever won this round would win the match (both teams were slightly above 90 points IIRC). Luckily for SL, they made it, avoiding to drop out of the tournament by a very narrow margin. The third and final match started with a few rounds going to AW, and again every outcome was possible. After fierce fighting on both sides, both team got more than 90 points at the beginning of the last round (IIRC, it was 96 : 94 for AW). After some minutes, it was 98:96 for AW, and AW began to hunt our weaker players. In doing so, they left their goalie (garisimo) alone, and I was able to slip through to him. I used a standard speed attack, and trying not to leave me any space while still hiding behind his wall, garisimo tripped over his tail, and I was able get inside and claim the zone. At about the same time, one of our attackers got one of his pursuers, so the final score was 110:98 for SL.
On our side, I could chiefly assess the performance of our defense team, were Sasha was a class of his own. Surrounded by 3 players, among which zop and lacka, he managed to hold them off for minutes, never leaving a gap, reclaiming all reachable space, and frequently killing them with his wall's edges. I was also able to assess the performance of AW's attack, which was humbling in its skill and coordination. Especially zop, who was chiefly responsible for AW's victory in the first match and AW's near victory in the second match, but also lacka and the others who provided who got there slower, but were no less effective once they were close. Never on the grid have I seen such skill, determination, and cooperation, and I can say that it would have been no shame at all to have to have lost that game to AW. Meriton 14:54, 2 July 2006 (CEST)
  • Well, the first match was intense, I was playing sweeper and helping def untill there were only two enemys left,then I would attack (though the offense didnt really need me, heh). This was a pretty close match, it was (I think) 100 something to 80 something for AW. Unfortunetley this was the only match I got to play, after this one my connection went insane, I couldnt even play a full round without getting disconected. I did get to see the last half of the last round, of the last match where it was 98 AW, 96 SL with SL taking it in the end with a zone capture. Congrats! --Vanhayes 21:20, 3 July 2006 (ATL)
  • The first match things were really chaotic for SL. the first 3 matches we played with 6 people so things went a lot slower. i was only able to get a few kills the first 2 matches because id keep getting beat trying to sweep or id make a stupid mistake. the second match we were able to pick up the pace and calm down a little. i think that was a relief to all the players cuz that first loss came so fast and i definetly wasnt expecting it to end that quickly. and then the final match we just did the same thing. i was able to get much more kills the final round. but when i died and it was just two SL's left. i got scarreeeedd. but badzilla did his thing and broke the defense. i wasnt able to see our defense but im sure they were putting up a huge fight also during those last few seconds. overall just a really tought battle. and the last two matches we were able to cut it close with comebacks. sky
  • The best matches were SL vs AW. The others were not so hard and so intense. I felt nervous all these 3 matches, so sometimes did stupid mistakes and comited suicide before the meeting with enemy (AW) attackers. However when I met them I did my best. My wife sat near me and squealed each time I lost round...It was fun. I want to give many thanks to Ossi and meri who helped me defend. Also I want to give thanks to the others of my team and to great AW team for such intresting and realy good matches. Sasha

They beat Lords of Destruction in straight matches (2-0) in the quarter finals.

  • .:thankyou. we played our best and i think the others would agree, AW gave us all a very difficult and stressful match. although we were missing belenus infamous and maverik. meriton and road came on the spot. and badzilla played very well in the AW match. sasha played very nice defense and Ossi played good as sweeper. Mayday and Man2d came in the finals and also played very nicely. and then Choco sub'd in for sasha later that match. thankyou meriton, badzilla, ossi,, man2d, road, sasha, choc, and nazgul for coming to the events. this also goes to show you that there are plenty of nonclan players who know their stuff. To the teams that we did not play: if you guys would like to play us to see how u fare. find me in the games and we'll try to work something out. and thanks 2020 and the others for organizing this tournament. it was a lot of fun:. sky

The Full Results of the First Ladle

Please write as much info as you know and any game comments you wish to add...


Anarchic Wanderers v Speeders at Z-man's Ladle (2-0)

The Anarchic Wanderers were Zop, Eggcozy, Nii, Garissimo, Hay-linn, Vanhayes, Lackadaisical and 2020.

The Speeders were Psyko, What-up, Speed, Xell, Blackfang,, Oblivion, and Kenny.

  • Tough game, and I think we caught them cold. With the best of 3, there is not much room for mistakes. Zop I think played well, and somehow he and my team-mates managed to penetrate Psyko's defence. The midfield was amazing. The skill level high. As part of the defence, it was amazing playing with Eggcozy and Vanhayes... and with Garissimo at the back doing his contracting and expanding, we kept them back for ages giving our offence time to do their magic. I was surprised how fast it went. 2020 2nd July 2006
  • I gotta say Defense was amazing with these Matches, you couldnt ask for better there. I didnt see much of the Offense since I was sweeping, but with Zop, Lackadaisical, and evryone I can guess how it went. Good matches --Vanhayes 21:25, 3 July 2006 (ATL)

Wraith Squadron v LØL at Bugfarm Fortress (2-1)

  • Round 1: LØL 84 - WS 106
  • Round 2: LØL 100 - WS 22
  • Round 3: LØL 78 - WS 100

Wraith Squadron were BlAzE, Kamakazi, Manta, Me, upacreek. Guest stars: Spidey (Only reason Wraith Squadron won)

LØL were Wildcat, Chuck, JJBean, G5, Legit, and Durka came in at the 10th round of the 3rd match. Guest stars: Luck and Man2d.

The WS and LØL teams agreed to just have a fun and enjoy the game. 6 vs. 6 players. Do to there only being 2 ladle servers online we were forced to default to the ever active Bugfarm fortress server. This caused quite a bit of confusion with visiting players joining the match. Kindly, most willingly left or stayed as spectators. As a note it would be nice to have more fortress servers available to chose from next tournament.

Lords of Destruction v Shadow League at LoD Lords of Destruction Clanserver (0-2)

The Lords of Destruction were...

The Shadow League were...

Crazy Tronners were not represented so they got into the next round...


Anarchic Wanderers v Shadow League at Z-man's Ladle (1-2)


The Anarchic Wanderers were Zop, Vanhayes, Garissimo, Eggcozy, Haylin, Lackadaisical, 2020, and Durka.

The Shadow League were Road66, Sky, Ossi, Man2d, Meriton, Badzilla, Mayday, and Sasha.

  • (see Congratulations above) We were missing several of our regulars... Ghableska, Madmax, Featherfcuk, TBL... but we did ok in the end with some phenomenal players wearing the [AW] tag. Amazing amount of skill. 2020 2nd July 2006

Wraith Squadron v Crazy Tronners at Bugfarm Fortress (CT do not turn up)


Wraith Squadrn v Shadow League at Z-man's Ladle (0-2)

  • Round 1: 48 - 106... Round 2: 62 - 108
  • The Shadow League were: Road66, Sky, Ossi, Man2d, Meriton, Badzilla, Mayday, Sasha and Choco who substituted for Sasha
  • Wraith Squadron were: BlAzE, Kamakazi, Manta, Me, upacreek, rain

All members of WS would like to congratulate Shadow League on their well earned victory. Their members played an excellent game. WS must admit to being a bit surprised at finishing as the #2 ranked team since we were almost dropped from the tournament for being to small.

I would like to thank those who joined WS in the finals so we could match SL at 7 vs 7. Due to the hectics of the moment I forget who you were but thank you. Since we had not practiced together previously we lost our team cohesion and suffered many team kills, but otherwise did very well considering the quality of players we faced.