For Old Times Sake

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General Information

This will be held the 15th of October starting at 5 PM EST


Ohi, welcome to Slick's Two Versus Two Loose Dogfight Tournament! (for old times sake) Enjoy your stay here. Lobby is that way --> vvv


1. Aliases allowed and i'll try to have as little rules as possible to keep it competitive.

2. 2v2, no subs allowed.

3. All Matches be first to 15, best of three matches.

4. If you are more than five minutes late to your match, you will be disqualified.

6. Matchups will be decided at random.

7. The Loose DF rules are enforced by the server settings.

8. Gz gm gl hf nt wd no hax plz thx kbai gogogo nou kgo.

Sign Ups

# Sign up below. Be sure to include your name, and login for the captain (can be aliased idc, just necessary for locking teams and such). Ex below

TeamName Player 1@forums, Player 2

  1. Velocity DisRupted@forums (Bricexx), Synergy
  2. -=Redemption> AC/DC@forums, Soul
  3. w_~R~_ecked GuessWho@forums, Who?
  4. insert Disk Revolut1on@forums , Eos
  5. Rx, mAd
  6. PRU Word@pru/leader, AI-team@pru/leader (sub), Eggman
  7. Coiz Cody, Liz


If you would be so kind as to host a server for this tournament it would be greatly appreciated! We will post the rinclude below when it is completed.

* '''Slick's 2v2LDF(Server Name)''' ([[ServerAdmin|ServerAdmin]]) <code>Address:Port</code> ''Location''


First round starts at 5 PM EST'

  • All games are best of 3 matches (the first team to win 2 matches advances to the next round).
  • All matches are to be played in the server listed in bold. Teams may agree to move to the backup server if there is a regional preference or problem with the primary server.
  • The other server listed is the backup server.

To change brackets, edit Template:LDFT1

  Opening Round Semi-Finals Finals
  ID VA3  Rx 1  
  ID KS  PRU 2  
    ID VA3    
  ID KS  
  ID VA1  Velocity 0  
ID KS  -=Coiz 2  
  ID VA1  
  ID KS    
ID VA2  w_~R~_ecked
  ID KS  insert Disk