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The Fifth Fork will be played on Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 and Sunday, August 23rd, 2015.
  • Discussion for Fork is taking place here.
  • Please read all Rules before the tournament begins.
  • Sign ups are currently open here and last through May 17th.

Rules for Players

  1. Cheating is prohibited; cheaters will be banned from all future Forks.
  2. The tournament rounds are played as a single match - first to 10 points win.
  3. All matches must be completed on the >>> FASTTRACK ULTIMATE 1v1 <<< servers AND must be official (/challenge and /accept) to be considered valid.
  4. If a scheduled player refuses to accept or ignores the challenge of the other scheduled player, that player forfeits the match.
  5. A player must sign into the server with their valid global ID. If a player cannot sign in with their valid global ID, the player forfeits the match.
  6. If a player does not show up within 10 minutes of their designated playing time and sign into their global ID, that player will forfeit their match.
  7. If a player forfeits their match without 24+ hours notice, they may be banned from the next Fork.
  8. All chatkills, instas, and lagouts count as points.
    1. It is considered cheating if a player is found to be intentionally trying to insta or lag their opponent.
  9. Disconnects are more common in this game style, so some leniency is given on disconnects. If a disconnect occurs, the two competitors will play a new, second official match, starting at 0-0. However, the second official match will not be the final score used in the tournament. Instead, the first player to reach 10-x points (x being the points they scored in the first official match) will be deemed the winner. The points of the other player, up until that point in time, will be added with the points they scored in the first official match. This point total, along with the combined 10 points of the winner, will be used to produce a final tournament score. All other points scored after the first player reaches 10-x points in the second official match will be disregarded. This is possible due to the server having the ability to record every round of every match.
    1. The second match must be started within 5 minutes of the original match.
  10. If a player disconnects for a second time, they automatically lose their match.
  11. Clients 0.3 or newer are highly discouraged, as they have a tendency to time out in Fasttrack servers.
  12. All types of play are allowed including camping and stabbing/digging.
  13. You are allowed to sign up a maximum of one time per Fork. If you are found to have signed up twice or more for one Fork, you will be disqualified from that Fork and the following Fork.


If you have a question about these rules or the results from the tournament, you can send an email to for answers.