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General Information

The first Fort Cup will be played on TBD!
The Fort Cup is an international fortress tournament where teams are created based on nationality.


The Fort Cup will be played using the most recent ladle settings.
The tournament itself will be divided into two stages, each occurring on separate dates: (Note: These rules are for a 12 team tournament.)
-The first stage will be played as a group stage with four groups of three teams. Each team will play the other two teams in their group once. These matches will have the teams from all four groups ranked. The top two teams from each group will advance to the next stage.
-The second stage will run more like a tournament, with an eight team bracket. The bracket will be setup in the following manner: Group1(1st) vs. Group3(2nd), Group2(1st) vs. Group4(2nd), Group3(1st) vs. Group1(2nd), Group4(1st) vs. Group2(2nd). All matches will be played best of 3.


- Team Name - Captains |GID's| Team members...
- USA 1 - Eckz/1200 |GID, GID| Loki, Saibot, Ender, Boing, Scene, Punish, Flyown, Luck, Paste, Mkay
- USA 2 - Woned/Wildcat |GID, GID| Raph, BIS, SageLord, Mac&Cheese, teen, Mecca, Distort, Spin, Spook, karma, Yoda
- USA 3 - Tremor/Nelhybel |GID, GID| Compguygene, UnkProductions, Overrated, Bmg, Dal, Eggman, Lanfear, Syre, Magic, Acoustic
- UKPotter/Hoax |GID, GID| Psy, Judders, Fingerbib, Speed, Syllabear, dariv, roger that, Viper, Radian
- NetherlandsGodzilla |GID, GID| Wap, Emphasis, Lackadaisical, Freako, Olive
- GermanyTheroze/Dreadlord |GID, GID| RoterBaron, Ai-team, Cronix, Matoso, Jip, 75, Akira, Sunnygirl, Raiden, Ashitika, 0ma
- PolandSlash/Deso |GID, GID| Yui, Pike, animal, PokeMaster, Red
- CanadaRudy/BigTronDaddy |GID, GID| Neal, Discosuperstar, Robo, JJBean, Insa, Cody
- HispanicsGonzap/Beer |GID, GID| Orion, Maño, Puuquie, Garial, az95, Chah
- France - Monkey.D.Luffy/Corn |GID, GID| 3B, Hell, Fofo, Voodoo, K-yo
- Eastern BlocXyron/Emmy |GID, GID| HaMar, SixZero, noname, Diablo, killerbees19, MB53, Elysia
- RefugeesTitanoboa/Noob13 |GID, GID| Eraser, Gluggsel, Zat, 66, ]sys, Tank Program, Milan, nara, Slov,


Group 1 - USA 1, Refugees, Eastern Bloc
Group 2 - USA 2, UK, France
Group 3 - USA 3, Poland, Hispanics
Group 4 - Netherlands, Germany, Canda


Server Configuration

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