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Fortress Brawl - Introduction | Rules | Signup

Fortress Brawl is a new upcoming tournament that will take place on January 30th, 2011!

It is a tournament that anyone can sign up for that will be played over the course of a few weeks in a league-style format. The teams will be chosen in a team captain style format. Players will sign up and get thrown into a player list. Designated team captains will choose from the player base.

When signing up, players should give their tron alias, what position they would prefer to play, with their secondary position preference, so that team captains can have some idea of how their team will look.

The team captains will be chosen by a discussion with a few prominent tron members. If they don't want to be a captain, they can decline. This changed from my original idea for people to say whether they want to be a team captain or not. In this way, hopefully we can get some really good team captains. The team captains will be asked after the sign-ups close. The team captains will need to be experienced and need to know all the key points of fortress.

Once team captains are chosen, they will all meet up sometime, probably on a private IRC channel to choose teams. Once teams are chosen, the players will be randomly listed under each team so that players will not know when they were chosen.

Also, after sign-ups close, the tournament will not begin immediately. This gives teams the chance to organize some strategies and get to know how everyone on their team plays.

The players per team will depend on how many people sign up and how many team captains we can get. It will probably be somewhere between 4 and 8, but it could vary depending on how many team captains we can find. Pros of a smaller team, easier to organize. Pros of a larger team, more fun. Razz

There will be alternates for each team. The only difference, is that every player that shows up to a match will HAVE to play at least one match. This will prevent older players from stopping newer players from playing in the matches. This also creates a sort of mindset of, "you are only as good as your worst player". The point of this tournament is to pass wisdom to newer players, help them out, teach them how to play fortress well.

The Fortress Brawl will be a friendly tournament, and should be conducted as such. The idea behind this tournament is to encourage newer players to play fortress and learn more about it. This hopefully will expand our fortress player base and allow for many more teams for future fortress competitions.

If matches happen to coincide with another big event, such as ladle or TST, then we will postpone matches from that week to the next.