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The biggest discussion so far is whether or not there should be a winzone or a deathzone. Team captains please colaborate with your teams as to what you think it should be. Post your comments below.

  • Anarchic Wanderers -

  • Speeders -

  • Hg Merkurium -

  • Fortress Elite -

  • Wraith Squadron - Manta - I second Durka's statment, We already know an expanding deathzone works very well on the CT server. If we even agree to have a zone that is.

  • Crazy Tronners -

  • ¡LØL! - Durka - There should be an expanding deathzone instead of the winzone. The winzone comes out after a long time and mostly the team that is on offense can easily get 10 points. This is unfair for the defensive team at the time as they might have a good chance of winning the round. Expanding deathzone should be best.
    • I think the offensive team should get the advantage because they played better in the round (by killing everyone except the opposite defender before the other team did), but i agree 10 points is a bit too much. Would it be possible to have a smaller bonus for hitting the winzone? like maybe 5 or even less? Then the attacker(s) could also choose to go for the big bucks or be chicken and go for the smaller amount of points.--Lackadaisical 04:58, 16 July 2006 (CDT)