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The First Grand Sumo Games will start its trial on Sunday, July 26th, 2015!
  • Discussion for the Grand Sumo Games is taking place here.
  • To participate in the Grand Sumo Games enter any Sumo tournament that has been announced to be apart of the GSG.
  • Good Luck to all participants!

The Current Ranking of The Grand Sumo Games

Last Edit: Shovel 6
1st 10 Points Mister, Appleseed
3rd 8 Points Gazelle, Ampz
5th 6 Points Pike, Voodoo
7th 4 Points Magi, koala
9th 2 Points Johnny, Orion, Plee, Bilbo, Acid, Empha, Cody, Opara,
17th 1 Point Agility, Menace, Lowkey, nin, Vogue, Taz, Heat, Andrei, Kim Pine, Renegade, CPU,

If you played in a tournament and are not listed above, please notify Magi in game or on the forums as to where you finished and what team you played for.'