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R.I.P. trontimes repository

The information below on this page is no longer up to date. Parts of the old configs linked here are available on but they will not work properly for the purpose of multimode servers. You can still copy the important settings from the files there for your own configs though!

Also, repo-independent configs for a couple games are available under now.

- vov, 2017


This is a list of games in the collection currently hosted at which aims to collect different Game Variations as files to easily RINCLUDE. Includes lines to paste into your client's Console (pasting requires v0.4) for either local/LAN enjoyment or to set a server up (after /admin in the chat; or in your configs).

List last updated on: 2015-02-13

From (and updated stuff)

This is a collection of different Armagetron Advanced game settings. If you INCLUDE/RINCLUDE them you'll get what it says on the tin.

At time of writing it's located on and if you don't have that as your resource path, it may sometimes depend on it being up.

You can add your own settings to it, encouraged would be these guidelines:

  • Full games need a physics reset at the start (like reset_vov_A.cfg) to guarantee proper loading.
  • No access restriction related settings (except opening it for all, that's fine :D) and no access exploits.
  • Comment what stuff is (minimum: "WTF IS THIS:" line at the top of the file), unless it's clear from the file name.
  • And of course common sense like putting your game into the right folder (or creating one) etc.

If you want your awesome settings added to the collection and don't know how, put them on the wishlist at the bottom of the page. And maybe notify vov/NinjaPotato.

The games/ folder:
Categories: These group by game type, e.g fortress (capture enemy zone) from arena (classic kill em all)
Names: Files usually have 3 name endings to watch out for:
_v1.cfg  <- full game; rinclude once and you're done (example: sumo/bar_v1.cfg).
_p1.cfg  <- p for patch; they are usually to be applied to an already existing game.
            of the folder type you found it in and just change one aspect (e.g sumo/killdetection_p2.cfg)
_t1.cfg  <- t for testing; probably an unfinished config, but still usually fine to use.
            They might be removed in the future though.
            This will not impact existing servers running on them already.
the numbers are ofc version numbers that change as stuff is added or fixed.

Usually the files are well commented too, so if you want more info about one look there. Or just try it on a server or local game.

Games may not work on all server versions. For example currently Shooting or CTF only works on special sty+ct branch servers. It may say it in the file.

For questions or if something does not work contact either the gametype's author, or also vov/NinjaPotato on IRC (, armagetron) or on the Armagetron forums. IRC is preferred.

"How To" and Tips

- On how to access the console on clients as well as client hosted games - see its wiki page.

- If you cannot paste these into the chat or the console and/or they get cut off, increase SPAM_MAXLEN.

- If you want to completely restore a server's default settings after testing/changing stuff going nuts:

  1. RINCLUDE the physics reset (see below)
  2. INCLUDE settings_dedicated.cfg

(this method is a bit hacky but usually works, the physics reset is needed because settings_dedicated might miss stuff)

Currently available

Generic goodies:

* Physics reset
RINCLUDE games/reset_vov_B.cfg(
* Team name+colour reset.
RINCLUDE games/teamnames-default_v1.cfg(
* Team name = just the colour (e.g Blue, Gold, Red...).
RINCLUDE games/teamnames-justcolour_v1.cfg(

Classic Arena

Classic play. Core dump your opponents to win.

Complete Modules

* Swampland Mud Puddle: low-medium rubber, small arena, medium speed, somewhat tight turns. Great for both beginners and experienced players.
RINCLUDE games/classic/mudpuddle_v2.cfg(
* Potatron (idk good names :D): low rubber, low speed. Special wall physics. Easy to understand for newbies, fun to tunnel in for experts. 
RINCLUDE games/classic/vovtron_v1.cfg(
* RambleTamble: medium rubber, small map, short walls, slow-medium speed. Team game. Good old classic tron play, crammed space when packed with players.
RINCLUDE games/classic/rambletamble_v2.cfg(
* Pieces of 8: low rubber, high speed, no brakes. Single binding enforced. Good old classic tron play with a faster pace.
RINCLUDE games/classic/piecesof8_v1.cfg(
* Crosseyed&Painless: low (but quickly regenerating) rubber, custom arena, medium-high speed, short walls. Team game. Fight! (v1 = alternate map!)
RINCLUDE games/classic/crosseyed_v2.cfg(
* Electric Fishing: low-medium (but quickly regenerating) rubber, small arena, medium speed, tight turns, brakes changed to boosters. Control your speed.
RINCLUDE games/classic/electricfishing_v2.cfg(
* WildCat: medium-high rubber, small arena, high speed, extremely tight turns. Multi-binding recommended. Very frantic experience.
RINCLUDE games/classic/wildcat_v2.cfg(
* FastTrack: high rubber, extreme acceleration and speed, extremely tight turns, round arena. Multi-binding recommended. Even more frantic than WildCat.
RINCLUDE games/classic/fasttrack_v2.cfg(
* 1v1 Cage Match (tiny map) version:
RINCLUDE games/classic/fasttrackcage_v1.cfg(


Conquer the enemy base by driving inside it, and protect yours!

Complete Modules

* Fortress (tourneylike).
RINCLUDE games/fort/fortress2014_v2.cfg(
* Complete three team fortress game on a hexagon map, symmetrical in 6 axes.
RINCLUDE games/fort/hexagon_v4.cfg(
 - Now with optional team names file:
RINCLUDE games/fort/hexagon-teamnames_p1.cfg(
* Fortress variant: revenge. Complete module.
RINCLUDE games/fort/revenge_v2.cfg(
* Fortress with a smaller map, no holes, and shorter trails.
RINCLUDE games/fort/smallfort_v2.cfg(

Patch Modules

* Revenge variant to put on top of any fort server (adds revenge, changes scoring).
RINCLUDE games/fort/revenge_p1.cfg(
* 1-Rubber patch for fortress-like physics that changes the more fiddly settings too to make it feel better.
RINCLUDE games/fort/lrf_p1.cfg(


Fight and survive in an ever shrinking ring. Leave for too long and go boom!

Complete Modules

(note that 4x(4x1) sumo is available with INCLUDE examples/cvs_test/sumo_complete.cfg ; on a server a physics reset is recommended before that)

* Sumobar (map supports 20 players, default setting is the usual 8 though).
RINCLUDE games/sumo/bar_v2.cfg(
* War Sumo (A: faceoff start, B: in-zone start).
RINCLUDE games/sumo/warA_v2.cfg(
RINCLUDE games/sumo/warB_v2.cfg(
* Team Sumo 2v2v2v2.
RINCLUDE games/sumo/tst_v2.cfg(
* Jericho's "Olymp": One zone with 6 players and one with 3.
RINCLUDE games/sumo/olymp_v2.cfg(

Patch Modules

* Better kill detection for crowded spaces and multiple teams (e.g 8x1).
RINCLUDE games/sumo/killdetection_p2.cfg(


Race your opponents to the finish line. Avoid death zones. Brake button is Boost here!

Complete Modules

* Adventures of Tron - Advanced Racing. Race along scenic courses.
RINCLUDE games/racing/aotadvanced_v13.cfg(
For the map rotation to work properly, this needs a v0.4 or +ap host. Otherwise you'll have to manually change the maps. Read the cfg for that!

(Please note that if you use +ap, you can also set it up to record times. Please see the +ap documentation on racing commands at )


Capture The Flag. Needs a sty+ct-based host.

Complete Modules

* Classic CTF. 5v5 casual. (for uneven teams/war purposes: team_max_imbalance 5)
RINCLUDE games/ctf/ctf_v2.cfg(


Charge up a shot by braking, then let go to shoot. Needs a sty+ct-based host.



Post here what you want to see. Add a link if you got one of these. Don't know where to put it? ->

  • Yellow Submarine
  • Fast Track
  • Nexus9

To Do

  • "How to RINCLUDE in Local for dummies" section. -- done
  • Find more game variations. -- Wishlist added.