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Hyper-Sonic Racing Info | Challenge Board | Results |
The Hyper-Sonic Racing is closed!

Tournament Info

Basic stuff. This is racing at it's purest and the toughest. Players use their breaks to accelerate to achieve the best time you can.

The scoring for the tournament is a follows:

Round Points     = 1
Rounds Limit     = 100
Max Players      = 32

Joining Up

Authentication is required to play in the tournament.

This decision has been made in order to keep players, without logins, from playing unless they choose to get a login to play. We have found this very effective against idiotic players pretending to be someone else and stealing their ranks. With fair-play in mind, players must now login if they wish to play in the server.

Officially there will be no signing up required. Players can simply arrive on the spot and play in the server or leave.

Control Area


If you wish to supervise the servers as admin, please by using the following template:

{{HSRacingAdmin|Admin's Name|Admins's Global ID|http://adminswebsite.com}}

Super Users

These are the players that will be moderating during the tournament. Show some respect!

{{HsrPlayer|Player's Name|Player's Global ID|http://playerswebsite.com}}
  • on (on@vertrex.tk/Contact)
  • Styx (StyX@vertrex.tk/Contact)
  • Dark Phx (midnight792@forums)


As soon as players start entering and when the time has reached the hit mark, the match will begin! Don't be late or risk behind left behind!


(Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator)


Server Configuration

RINCLUDE hsr_v1.cfg(http://vertrex.tk/aa/config/tournament/hsr/hsr_v1.cfg)
SERVER_NAME 0xa4d160Hyper-Sonic 0xfdbcd1Racing 0x62ff44| 0x83fdc0Your Server

Replace the Your Server with your server name.

This tournament will be hosted under a unique server dedicated to keeping track of the goings on throughout the match. This server cannot be found outside of tron or in the host's website.

Server List

List your server using the format given below:

{{hsrServer|Your server name|ip|port|Location|[http://serverwebsite.com http://serverwebsite.com]}}


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