High Rubber Tournament

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Monthly High Rubber Tournament

The Third High Rubber Tournament is here, completely redesigned. Sign up your teams and servers.

  • Date: Saturday, November , 2011. 6:00 PM GMT
  • Sign ups are open

The Tournament

Welcome to the first HR Tournament. Please, Sign Up your teams and servers at soon as possible. Brackets, configs, and other important information will be released 1 week before tournament.

Open teams feel welcome to join to this awesome tourney. Only find your teammate and sign up your team.



The Teams are 3 players max (including 1 substitute) but should have a minimum of two players to start. If your teammate do not show up, you have 5 minutes since the round start to get a teammate or you will be completely eliminated from tourney.

Max number of teams per clan: 3 teams (6 players)


3pts Core Dump

-2pts Suicide

-1pts Death Zone

10pts Round Win


Every match will have 6 teams (12 players). The winner of a match will be the first team to get 100pts. Only the winner team and the second play advances to the next roud.

The final round will be a 4 teams match with only one winner. The winner of the tournament!

Sign In


Authentication or OP is required to play the HR Tournament. At least, one of the members should know how to use commands:

/op To login or "upgrade"someone to let him play.
/lock Lock your team to avoid new members
/unlock Unlock your team to new members
/invite When locked the only way to let other members to join
/uninvite To kick a player from your team

Please, Sign Up your team in the "List of teams" with the following template: (NOTE: IF U DONT HAVE A "Substitute" PLEASE WRITE "N/A")

{{HRTeams|Team Name|Member's 1 Name, Member's 2 Name|Member's 1 Global ID, Member's 2 Global ID|Substitute(Optional)}}

List of Teams

  • Tr0nn3r$ Death Zone, Fire Storm (deathzone@afroservers.com, qazxswedcvfr@forums), KP
  • Repeated Euphoria Lagtastic, Lightshadow (Lagtastic@dbd, Lightshadow@forums), N/A
  • Parkour Tronners Kinator, Mils Owns U (kinator@forums, Mils Owns U@ct\public), TBA
  • DpG Prema, Helicats Duffel (premaDpG@forums, Jolechiw@fourms), 16, baggins, joker
  • POT NIVEK, cb7 (nivek@forums, currently unknown), N/A
  • Pretty High Rebel, Charged (Rebel.EC!D@forums, 112wicked112@forums ), pre)
  • Pretty High 2 Leaf, Klove ( heart@forums, TBA@forums ), SuperHans
  • Volumezero Ryon, TheWorstPlaya ( RYON@vzclan.com, TheWorstPlaya@forums), Crumb)
  • Volumezero 2 Zappy, SpÂwN ( Zappy@forums, Torment@forums), N/A)


Everyone is welcome to Sign Up his/her server(s) to the HR Tournament. Also remember to RINCLUDE the configurations and the authentication list. The configs will be released one week before tourney.

Server Configuration

RINCLUDE hrtsettings.cfg(TBA)
RINCLUDE hrtsignups(TBA)

List of Servers

Please, fill the server information following the EXAMPLE.

Server #0: Server Name, ip, Location, www.serverwebsite.com